Turkey Farming in Kenya 2022 | Turkey Rearing in Kenya

Turkey farming in Kenya in 2022 is not the first thing that comes to
your mind when you think about poultry rearing. Many farmers are
familiar with chicken rearing for eggs or meat and the recently
over-flooded business of quail farming but few have embarked on turkey
farming as a source of income.

Turkey Farming in Kenya
Turkey Farming in Kenya

Even in the few homesteads where you find a turkey or two, they are normally for aesthetic qualities as pets and not for economic purposes. This has left a huge gap in the market that can be filled by anyone seeking to start turkey farming in Kenya in 2018 as a way to earn a living through agribusiness. The market for exotic white meat is growing by the day; turkey, ostriches, quails are some of the birds whose taste Kenyans are growing to like.

To start a turkey farming in Kenya, you need to either buy a day old poults(turkey chicks) or buy a turkey hen and a tom (male turkey). Once
the hen lays the fertilized eggs, select the best 10-15 eggs for
incubating. Hatching takes 28 days only. If the technology is available
to you, you can incubate the eggs artificially to increase the
likelihood of hatching.

Brooding the Poults

the poults arrive or get hatched, you want to prepare the brooding
area. Sawdust, wood shavings or paddy hast can be used for the litter.
It should be 3 to 4 inches thick at first and increased over time. To
prevent caking. It is good to rake the litter occasionally.

Turkey Poults

Poults need a little more space than chicken chicks. Ensure that each bird has 1.5 ft2. They also need to stay warm. Maintain a 32 to 38 degrees Celsius for the first week and reduce by 2 degrees every week after that for a months. In the second week, the space for each bird should be increased to a square of 20cm to 20cm. After 6 weeks, you can let them outside when it’s not cold or rainy.

Feeding the Turkey

You will need one feeder and one waterer for 25 birds. For a kg of of live
turkey, you will need three and a quarter kilos of turkey feed. Starter
mash is the feed that starts off your poults. That and plenty of clean
fresh water.

Growers mash is introduced at week ten.
Greens and other cracked grains like maize should also be introduced at
this point. Minerals and vitamins addition to the diet will ensure that
the turkey turn out healthy as they should.

Turkey on a plate

Slaughtering the turkey

At week 22, the turkey will start adding fat to their body. To know whether they are ready for slaughter, check to see whether all the pinfeathers have disappeared. This will happen between week 24 and week 28. By this time, your turkey will be averaging 8kgs. For 18 hours before slaughter, withdraw food and give your turkey lots of clean fresh water.

What do you think? Is turkey farming in kenya something you see yourself doing? Leave us a comment below.

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40 thoughts on “Turkey Farming in Kenya 2022 | Turkey Rearing in Kenya

  1. Am leonard.i have two she-turkeys and a male one.since last year they never produced eggs.What could be the problem or is there special food i should give them

  2. Am leonard.i have two she-turkeys and a male one.since last year they never produced eggs.What could be the problem or is there special food i should give them

    1. Turkeys have laying seasons that last between 16 to 20 weeks depending on the breed.

      Providing artificial light to ensure that they get at least 14 hours of light per day could trigger the laying early on in the season.

  3. Anonymous says:

    MAMA BINO I would like to know where to get(buy) the turkey (hen & tom)

  4. Where can one get the chicks or hen and tom to start-off?

    1. Jacktone Etemesi says:

      Hello, Am Jacktone a turkey farmer in Bungoma County. I currently have 20 6 weeks old turkeys fully vaccinated against Newcastle disease, gumboro, Infectious bronchitis, Fowl pox, and Fowl cholera. If you are interested kindly keep in touch.

      My number: 0795206755.
      6 weeks old @ 900/=
      8 weeks old @ 1200?=

    1. Hi Faith,

      I am selling my turkey chicks but above a month old in umoja, Nairobi. They are all in teen stage of of turkey life so incase you need some, get in touch 0721134750

    2. Anonymous says:

      Av got a large flock of turkeys and chicks
      Looking for a ready market.
      254 722 481638

    1. Beatrice Mwendwa says:

      I am Beatrice .I have a turkey and a Tom. They had hatched ten poults but they have all died. What could be the problem?

  5. Where to buy day old turkey and how much. Am from mombasa


  7. Information is scarce. Any turkey farmer interested in joint venture to raise turkeys email saeedchaudhri

  8. For mature Toms and female turkeys or poults contact +254708440983

  9. people are asking for the poults prices!!!!!.. it would be better if we know the estimate prices for any turkey bird at any stage. thank you

  10. People are asking for the estimate poult prices in the previous comments and you seem to ignore that. kindly the information is important in a big way and i too would like to know the estimate prices for turkey bird at any stage of development.thank you

  11. Anonymous says:

    I want to do Turkey farming in Busia Kenya. One month poults.
    Am Fred. 0713775259.

  12. Need to know where I can get the poults

  13. I got turkeys but no idea where to sell them.Am located in kikuyu town anyone with interest can contact me via email: limqua@gmail.com. MATURE turkey from 3k, fertilized eggs @200 negoitable.

  14. I got turkeys but no idea where to sell them.Am located in kikuyu town anyone with interest can contact me via email: limqua@gmail.com. MATURE turkey from 3k, fertilized eggs @200 negoitable.

  15. Anonymous says:

    My name is Given Mahachi a Zimbabwean full of African pride especially those who encourage our home grown products. I wish one day like what is done with canival events we must have national events to show case these African dishes.

  16. I am looking for 15 female turkeys basically within kakamega county and should be 3 to 4 month

  17. Owners should remember to give enough freedom to the birds. It is better not to confine them in the cage all the time but let them out to the open from time to time. Poultry Farming

  18. I have tried keeping the turkeys . My challenge is market for large quantities e.g. 1000 per month

  19. Anonymous says:

    Hellooo… Your article is so eye opening thank you so much. I am martin and am really interested in rearing turkeys among other birds if you have any contacts of people rearing them in and around kisumu, siaya , busia , kakamega please hit me up… Also if theres any training needed feel free to advice me of the same.
    My no. Is 0704718028…
    And oooo about the special incubators used if any…
    Thank you for such a platform

  20. Have tried to rear turkey poults but they eventually die after two weeks, what should l do.

  21. What causes boil like in turkey eyes

  22. any mature turkey for sale within kakamega

  23. patrick nzioka says:

    av got turkeys for sale some females laying eggs and some about 4months old at Makueni

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