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traffic is the best traffic you can have in your blog. It is highly targeted,
free and constant. This is the traffic sent to your blog by search engines like
Google, Yahoo and Bing. For you to start receiving visitors from the search
engines, you need to rank high on the first page on the said search engines and
this requires some work on your part. In this post we look at the factors that
determine how search engines rank your blog content.
Search Engine Optimization for your Blog
Search Engine Optimization for your blog
In this series:
Before we
get to that, let me emphasize the importance of having targeted traffic to your
blog. The conversion rate when a visitor gets exactly what they are looking for
from the blog is so high that most advertising platforms like Google Adsense
pay higher rates to publishers when the click originates from a search engine
rather than direct traffic from let’s say, Facebook. This is because when a
person Googles for instance, ‘how to get my ex back’, they are more likely to buy
a relationships eBook or visit a ‘Get your Ex Back Website’ as compared to
someone who just saw a link on Twitter and clicked on it for entertainment purposes.
For the
search engines to know exactly what your content is about, you need to use the
right keywords. Think about how people are phrasing the question that you are
answering when they search on the search engines. In most cases, you will find
different phrases asking the same question. Choose the one with the highest
More often
than not, you will find that there is a lot of competition for the perfect keyword;
this is where long tail keywords come in. This is when you use more words in
the keyword that you are targeting. Using our example above, instead of
targeting the ‘Get your Ex Back’ keyword, target a longer keyword like ‘Get
your Ex-girlfriend Back’ or even better, ‘Get your Ex-girlfriend Back in a Week’.
You are more likely to rank for a long tail keyword.
In the next
post, we shall look at how to get low competition Keywords.
 Quality is Key
The quality
of your content is everything. Whatever it is that you are writing about,
chances are that the topic has been covered hundreds of times before. You need
to come up with killer content to outrank your competition.
If a
visitor ends up in your site and does not search for the same thing elsewhere,
it tells the search engine that you are delivering on your promise and they
rank you high. If they scan your site for a minute, leave and move on to the
next blog, you start to lose your credibility in the eyes of the search
content also sells itself. When a customer is satisfied or happy with the
information they get from your blog, they are more likely to share it with
their friends. Search engine love this for it tells them that the information
is helpful.
Speaking of
sharing, there is nothing that tells the search engine that your content is
quality than when different sites are linking to it. This networked links are referred
to as backlinks. It is important to note that some backlinks are more powerful
than others. The more trusted the site the link is coming from, the better it
is for you.
A few years
back, blog owners would flood their sites with artificial backlinks to confuse
the search engines into ranking them high. This has changed a lot in the recent
past. The more natural the backlinks are created, the better.
A place to
start is by leaving helpful comments on other blogs in your niche. You can also
generate quality content and hope that other site owners link to you or you can
write guest posts. We shall be looking at different ways of building quality
backlinks in a later post.

5 thoughts on “Search Engine Optimization for your Blog | Optimize for Blog

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi? I've read all your articles on starting a blog and I must say I am no longer the same. I especially like how you illustrate every step in the simplest English possible. I hope to be more enlightened as I am an aspiring blogger and quite green in most of the concepts you have shared. lots of thanks.

    1. I am glad that the information was of help of you. Welcome to the world of blogging. You can make a living out of doing what you love.

  2. Hae,I must say your content is very inspiring..actually it's what I needed to improve on my blogging.I got some questions though..
    1)Can I swap my blog from WordPress to Blogger?
    2)Am yet to decide on my niche content,so basically am a personal blogger,when I finally decide on the exact topic my blog should be about am I supposed to remove the other content?

    1. Thanks for your comment.

      1) Yes you can move. I was`able to move sometime back using a code I got online. If I find it I'll share with you.
      2) Absolutely not. You do not have to remove any content. That's the beauty of blogging; you can write whatever you want however you want.

      Taking a specific niche just helps you have an authority voice which is very important later when you want to earn through sponsored posts or by recommending affiliate products to your readers.

  3. I hope you are still in touch on this issue, I would like to blog, just got to it. I checked out some more on registering a domain and loading WordPress, seems a tough assignment. What is the average cost? Do you do consultation in terms of setting up a blog?

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