Samsung Kenya Contacts | How to Contact Samsung Kenya

Whether for queries, customer support, warranty or repairs issues, you one might want to contact the giant electronics company at one point or another. And thus the purpose of this article. Here are the Samsung Kenya Contacts for those who want to contact the electronic company’s customer care.
Samsung Kenya is the leading electronics manufacturer in Kenya. From fridges to microwaves, Television sets to decoders, it is impossible to mention the big players without mentioning Samsung. And with the current hype towards a world of smartphones, Samsung has claimed it’s spot once again in the country.
Samsung Kenya Contacts
Samsung Kenya Contacts

Samsung Kenya Website

Visit the Samsung Kenya website through the link.

Samsung Kenya Facebook Contacts

You can reach them though their Facebook page by following this link.

Samsung Kenya on Twitter

Another way of contacting  customer care is by sending a tweet through their twitter handle @SamsungMobileKe

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16 thoughts on “Samsung Kenya Contacts | How to Contact Samsung Kenya

  1. says:

    Am william thax for repairing my phone near nakumat lifestyle shop service no 5150. Am soo happy.

  2. Hi Samsung. I bought a samsung phone at Makarim shop in HIlton in March 2016.
    About one month ago, my phone a samsung J3 developed problems and the screen could not come on.

    I took the phone back to the shop and since then it has been a cat and rat mouse. They have refused to repair my phone and keep giving me excuses about it. I visited them today wanting to talk to the manager and surprising the manager was conveniently away.

    Kindly guide me on how to have my phone repaired since it was still under waranty.

  3. my tv SAMUSANG 32INC Model.LA32D403E2 power motherboard needs repair please advice price for repair or purchasing new one

  4. Hi.I need an LCD screen for a Samsung TV model no:LA32A330J1N,and how much is the price?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi,I bought a M450 sound bar in April this year. I've set the sub woofer almost directly opposite the bar on the floor between two seats. For almost a month now,the subwoofer can't connect with the bar unless placed in a raised position. Also when oHi,I bought the aforementioned sound bar in tuskys impala in April this year. I've set the sub woofer almost directly opposite the bar on the floor between two seats. For almost a month now,the subwoofer can't connect with the bar unless placed in a raised position. Also when someone passes between the two,there's a disconnection even on the raised position.
    What should I do coz the manual connection has failed to solve my issue. I wish to have the subwoofer back to the floor and eliminate the disconnections.

  6. my fridge is not working and when technician worked on it,he said the compressor is out of service since i bought it On 8/2017,what can i do since the replacement is more expensive?

  7. i want to know the email address of SAMSUNG KENYA OFFICE

    1. me too did you find any help?

  8. HENRY KISWILI says:

    I have a problem with my TV. It is Fla screen and it is not communicating with the aerial. What assistance can I be given.


    Henry Mumo


  10. Neema Patel says:

    Hi! i Purchased S21 Ultra 5G just recently and it has the following problem
    1. When charging the phone it be come very hot
    2. when communication on video call the phone be come very hot

    Please advise way forward.

    Kind Regards,

    Neema Patel

  11. How can i get network unlock code my phone?


    I bought a Samsung galaxy GT-S7262 in 2015,it has been serving me well but of late the battery cannot last long,where can I get the original battery?I’m in Homabay county.

  13. Tobias Ondiek says:

    Hi i bought Samsung Tv 55 inch (Serial no.04EU3K5K600150) model 55NU7300( Product UHD-TU)in Kisumu(the former Tuskey mail)@ksh122,995 on 30th October 2018.It developed a problem showing half screen dark in 2020,i took it back for repair and collected when working. Now again it has developed the same problem, showing half screen dark ,am not able to afford the cost of taking it back for another repair since my work was affected by covid-19 pandemic, am staying away from town Centre and the cost is around Kshs 5000 to and FRO. Kindly may i know the reason why this set have been having this same problem despite that its not directly connected to power source or its life span has expired. I would also like if you may consider replacing it with another good model to avoid such inconveniences.

    Thank you.
    Your valued customer

  14. I have a Samsung galaxy g19000 model but SIM card tray damaged .how can I get help. It’s a 2g phone that download Facebook tweeter only Internet

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