How to Report Power Outage to KPLC Via SMS

Many businesses in Kenya have embraced social media as a way of connecting to their customers as well as attending to their queries and questions. KPLC is one such company. We all know that you can report power outage through calling, via Twitter or even facebook. But did you know that you can do the same by  simply texting?

How to Report Power Outage to KPLC Via SMS

All you need to do is send Stima#AccountNo#Description of Outage to 95551.

e.g. Stima#123456789#No power since yesterday.

You will receive a message with a reference number under which your complaint has been booked. This makes it easier for you to follow up on the progress of your case.

This service comes in handy when you do not have data bundles to contact them via social media accounts or when you just don’t want to spend your hard earned cash calling their numbers.

There’s no reason why you should stay in darkness. Have a bright day.

24 thoughts on “How to Report Power Outage to KPLC Via SMS

  1. Kplc you are such an embarrassment! Power outage for a whole day no response surely? Monopoly will hill you

  2. How can you be notified of a power outage and you don't do or say anything for a whole 26 hrs and counting!!

  3. How can you be notified of a power outage and you don't do or say anything for a whole 26 hrs and counting!!

  4. It's sad tha a big company like Kenya power is using non functioning website.
    What a shame!

  5. It is really unfortunate that you don't respond to any comments. We have a transformer at Darajambili, Maseno which switches off at the slightest whiff of rain. This is after our earlier transformer exploded and replaced. However, the alleged new transformer has not lived to our expectations.It goes off at any time especially during this rainy period while other nearby transformers are working. Can you tell exactly what is wrong. Or is it overloaded?

  6. Anonymous says:

    3 days no power despite numerous phone calls with fake promises.

  7. What is happening. There has been low voltage and when i sent the sms i was notified my account is not registered, yet i buy units with it. How now?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Still waiting for the transformer at nyaundi primary in kisumu county to be fixed since December 2017 in spite of several reports and the men even coming to the ground to inspect.

  9. there is power outage at chaani market for prepatd meters 14229238747 and also same has excess consumption.other prepaid meters have power plz check

  10. Due to its cost effective and reliable features, a large number of entrepreneurs have already started to use short message service as an effective marketing tool padisoft company

  11. Anonymous says:

    Even having reported of transformer exploding and yet no action taken even after making calls that are not responded to. 4 days after at mwiki kasarani, nyawai academy.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Have been doing the same but I have been receiving reference till today when I received the first reference number after an 8 days black out. A tree had fallen on a pole so the pole fell and line got disconnected, we called kplc but they came after 5 days to replace the pole, the pole was replaced on Tuesday and till today no one has bothered to reconnect the just tired
    Located in msambweni,kwale county
    There is an unresolved complaint for the account with the number 3938293 as refference. It is in the status Pending.

  13. kplc tell us something day this.monopoly will end just like it ended with telcom

  14. since Thursday the 07.02.19 we have report of power cut to ukunda power office up to date the 9/02/19 were still on dark,
    when you call the normally say they have one team which covers the all of south coast and told its in lunga lunga that was on Thursday, on Friday i was told its in kwale ,after they have other issues to attended.
    calling again the line is busy or ringing no one picks it.
    why having one team the whole of ukunda??”?? all the track moving around ukunda what are they doing.
    its too much with poor servce from the power ukunda .

  15. Philip Omondi says:

    Kenya power used to be a good company long time ago. But with the emergence of the so called prepaid meter Kenya power deliberately abandoned their core duties of ensuring swift responses on the emergencies like power outages, fallen poles, discontinued cables e.t.c. i do get amazed to see some of the so called power technicians some of whom have never attended any electrical class not even the lowest level of a youth polytechnic while those who are actually qualified to do those jobs are just languishing in the juakali. This has been the fact about a myriad of frequent power outages.

  16. JOHN GACHUKI says:

    There is a power post almost collapsing
    Immediate attention needed

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