Rabbit Millionaires Project

The Rabbit
Millionaires Project is a rabbit rearing project by the Peace Officers For
Christ International, an NGO registered in Kenya.  Targeting the youth, women and other organized
groups, the project supports those interested in rabbit rearing through their
economic empowerment program.
to their manifesto, the objectives of the Rabbit Millionaires Project are;
  • To
    provide specialized consultancy and training services on rabbit rearing
  • Selling
    quality breeding stocks to farmers
  • To
    contract prospect farmers for the rabbit project
  • Buying
    young bunnies from the farmers
  •  Facilitating
    markets for rabbit products like manure and urine
  •  They
    guarantee market for the rabbit products
  • Offering
    technical backup and support to the farmers
Rabbit Millionaires Project
They also
guarantee unbelievable earnings on the one-time investment depending on the
breeding stock you decide to go with:
  • A
    cool million Kenyan shillings a year for their 33 hybrid breeding stock
  • The
    66 hybrid breeding stock is set to bring you 2 million Kenyan Shillings a year
  • And
    if you are more ambitious and would like 3 million Kenyan shillings a year,
    they advice that you go with the 99 hybrid breeding stock
All said
and done, this project walks, talks and smells like another pyramid scheme. It
promises hefty profits and exploits the farmers to buy their breeds.
A look into
their website will tell you that the project is very new. This has not stopped
them from having testimonials already from a Jane and a Tom.
to the website, Jane is a farmer from Limuru. The image they have for Jane
however, belongs to one Shalini Paddada and was taken
from her LinkedIn profile. She is actually an Indian.  Tom on the other hand is an analyst and a farmer
from Buruburu. The image they have of him however is that of Satyes Mukherjee;
a creative writer, a blogger and retired acountant from India as well.

While we agree that rabbit rearing in Kenya can be a
very profitable agribusiness opportunity, it is good to be weary of projects promising
millions with little effort on your side. Invest wisely.

8 thoughts on “Rabbit Millionaires Project

  1. Anonymous says:

    Its just another sweet pyramid scheme to con and freeze Kenyans of their hard earned money. Please be ware when you join such organizations especially when linked to or they pop up as Christian organizations,Peace corps and what have you. All these are con men/women cheating Kenyans and more willing to take all the risks to get that money from your pocket. when the deal is done, they will drop you like a hot potato. Be ware I was a victim myself.

    1. Thank you anonymous for your comment. When it comes to investments, I always say that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. This is one good example. Safeguard your hard earned cash, people.

    2. Thank you anonymous for your comment. When it comes to investments, I always say that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. This is one good example. Safeguard your hard earned cash, people.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This project is genuine. You can take time and visit their offices and demonstration farms in Thogoto, meet farmers already in the project then you can get judge. It is indeed easy to earn lots of cash on rabbit farming.

    1. Waoh! All said and done, I don't know how to call this project. I joined the project on 19th October 2016, the does were supposed to be expectant to give birth by 19th November 2016. Out of the 10 does, only 3 has delivered. We were told that they give birth to 8-15 bunnies. This is not so. The 3 has given birth to 3,4 and 6. A technical person was supposed to visit us once every month, we have not seen any. After enquiring last week, we were told to send busfare which we sent and upto now no one has come, when we call, the phone is not picked. We are quite disappointed.

  3. I appreciate the project after visiting your website. I would like to join the project and i'm a Tanzanian from Rombo district,kilimanjaro region. But firstly i would like to known how much it'll cost for a begginer.

  4. I'm also a victim, with more than other farmers, our money for the bunnies that were harvested last year has not been paid months down the line, the directors are inaccessible.

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