Quail Market in Kenya 2019

The Wild Birds Farming Association of Kenya is providing a much
needed quail market in Kenya in 2018. Very many farmers ventured in this
business a situation that resulted to over-flooding of the market with
quail eggs and meat. This has lead to massive loses from
over-exploitation by the middlemen to a point where some farmers have
been forced to just throw in the towel and release the birds. This need
not be the case, you can still find quail market in Kenya.

farming fad hit the country as hard a heart attack. The marketing was
really good and few farmers could resist having a chance to take a piece
of the unimaginable profits. The promoters preached the many health
benefits and a huge quail market in Kenya for the farmers.This lead to
over investment in this venture and the weight was so huge that the
foundation came crushing down.

Quail Market in Kenya
Quail market in Kenya

Quail market in Kenya in 2018 however became so
flooded with quail products that the prize for eggs came down from 60
Kenyan Shillings a piece to 10. A mature bird is currently trading for

All is not lost though; the Association’s
treasurer, Mr. Samuel Muriithi maintains that quail farming can still be
profitable and their aim is to do away with the exploitative middlemen
by exploring quail market in Kenya both locally and internationally.

Although many experts agree that many claims made on the nutritional and medicinal benefits of quail eggs
and meat are a little far fetched and for marketing purposes, Mr.
Murrithi still insists that quail farming is anything but a pyramid
scheme. The venture can still be profitable if more options for quail
market in Kenya were explored.

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