11 thoughts on “NHIF Accredited Hospitals: In-patient Health Cover

  1. There's ambiguities in what exactly is covered by NHIF currently for voluntary/non civil employed persons. If am not a civil servant, (voluntary or self employed persons), what more is there except the ward rebate(bed only). From what I have gathered, NHIF benefits are still the same old one:part rebate. Which brings me to the question: The benefits implied in NHIF communication to the contributors, what do they really cover?? Are there options to top up my contribution so I get outpatient benefits, and or meds, consultation for inpatient? Because while the communication seems to imply shared or substantial cover by NHIF, its still same old rebate. Please revert

    1. It all depends on the hospital you go to. There are three categories A,B and C. Category A is all public hospitals and you pay nothing.

  2. What if I chose a health facility for an out patient and would need to change to a better facility?

    1. There are calls to apply for facilities every 3 months

  3. If I registerd in Mumias does it mean that now am living in Mukumu have to register again

  4. I don't see which category crystal cottage hospital falls. Please give info on this and how much NHIF pays a in patient in this hospital

  5. roseline alusah says:

    does the strathmore university hospital in Madaraka accept NHIF services? i live near there

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