Muthaiga-ABC Forex Bureau Limited

Muthaiga-ABC Forex Bureau Limited is one of Kenya’s leading foreign exchange bureau’s consisting of 5 branches strategically located within Nairobi Area and these are respectively:

(1). ABC Place, Waiyaki Way 
(2).  Karen Connection, Lower Plains Road, Karen 
(3). Langata Link, Langata South Road 
(4). Mobil Plaza, Muthaiga & 
(5). Muthaiga Shopping Centre, Limuru Road. 

All branches are managed by professional and experienced staff who will cater for all your foreign exchange requirement.

We offer very competitive rates on buying and selling of all major foreign currencies and in addition, we also provide banking and delivery services.

What we offer:-

  •     Buying and Selling of all major foreign currencies.
  •     Purchasing of Personal & Company Cheques (US Dollar /British Pound, Euro & CAD).
  •     Conversion of Foreign currency cheque to foreign currency cash.
  •     Very competitive rates on drafts and telegraphic/ swift transfers.  
  •     Western Union Money Transfers.
  •     Money gram Money Transfers.

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