M-TIBA Bonus Scheme

In this post, we give you answers to M-TIBA Bonus Scheme’s frequently asked questions.

What is M-TIBA Bonus Scheme?

M-TIBA Bonus Scheme is a limited time offer that rewards the first 100,000 M-TIBA users who register and deposit 100 KShs or more in their M-TIBA before 30th September 2016. After making the first deposit of 100 Kshs or more, M-TIBA users will immediately receive the following benefits;
A bonus amount of 50 Kshs in their M-TIBA. Thereafter, users will receive 50 Kshs each month when they deposit 100Kshor more in M-TBA for the next 11 months.

A personal Accidents cover for a period of 12 months valued t 8,000 Kshs. Terms and conditions apply.

Who is eligible to participate as principal in the M-TIBA Bonus scheme?
Anyone who is registered as a principal member of M-TIBA is eligible for the M-TIBA bonus scheme

Who is covered in the personal Accident Cover?

The personal Accident Cover covers the principal M-TIBA member and one spouse. The souse must be registered as a dependant in M-TIBA at the start ofthe cover, Principal M-TIBA members without  spouse can add a next of kin. To add spouse or next of kin, dial *253#, then choose 9 “settings and then choose 2 “Add Dependant”.

How do I participate in the M-TIBA Bonus scheme

To participate n the MTIBA Bonus Scheme, you have to be among the first 100,000 M-TIBA users who have made the first deposit of 100Kshs or more.Thereafter, you will receive 50 Kshs each month when you deposit 100Kshs or more in your M-TIBA for the next 11 months.

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