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managing agents, developers and body corporates are facing an ever increasing
exposure to utilities, such as electricity and water. Utility suppliers, such
as Kenya Power or Nairobi Water & Sewerage company, will demand payment
based on usage, while tenants dispute amounts and refuse to pay their
electricity accounts.
Mpaya Prepaid Meters
can result in a serious problem for you! M-PAYA Prepaid can offer a real
solution to this problem! As a prepaid electricity sub-metering company, M-PAYA
Prepaid assists with the collection of utilities and removes the payment gap
between utility suppliers and tenants.

of the problems that many landlords face are defaulting tenants who may let
their accounts fall into arrears. It has become essential for landlords to
assist their tenants in planning their electricity usage and the best way to do
this is to have a prepaid meter system that enables tenants to check their
usage. Prepaid meters allow tenants to monitor their electricity and water
consumption which will also enable them to adjust their usage in the future.

is an advantage for the landlords and is quite beneficial for the tenant as
well. Buying electricity through a prepaid meter allows your tenants to control
how much they put into the meter on a monthly basis. They will be able to
monitor how much electricity they actually use and what it is costing them.
This puts the tenant in control of the amount they spend on a monthly basis.

benefits of M-PAYA Prepaid meters for landlords and property managers are:

  • Tenants pay upfront for electricity usage
    which leads to improved cash flow.
  • No unexpected post payment issues experience
    by the tenant.
  • Reduced administration – no more bills for
    utilities that need to be distributed to tenants.
  • Reduced risk on your utility collections –
    money is collected upfront from tenants.
  • Convenient to buy M-PAYA Prepaid electricity
    with Lipa Na M-PESA Paybill 718889.
  • More than one meter can be installed per
  • Quick and easy prepaid meter installation, get
    installed in two days.
  • More control and transparency for all parties
    – developer, landlord, managing agent and tenant.
  • Call center assistance (0709 058011) for
    consumers who have prepaid token queries.

M-PAYA Prepaid Meters

Prepaid is the leading electricity prepaid meter and vending system provider
for landlords in Kenya. This unique vending system is the first of its kind and
enables clients (both landlords, property owners, developers and managing
agents as well as tenants) to access detailed reports which track and manage
utility consumption efficiently. We offer an intuitive, client-focused online
system that enables Tenants to login and access their entire transaction
history. Landlords have detailed reports of their token and transaction history
at their fingertips. The system is reliable, with a quick and easy meter
registration process.

M-PAYA Prepaid Contacts

For more information, visit the Mpaya Prepaid website. You can also contact them through their contacts below.

Residents & Tenants

Phone: 0709 058 011
Email: customercare@prepaid.co.ke
Working Hours: Mon – Sun (8am – 10pm)


Phone: 0709 058 012
Email: support@prepaid.co.ke
Working Hours: Mon – Sun (8am – 10pm)

Sales Inquiries

Phone: 0709 058 013
Email: sales@prepaid.co.ke
Working Hours: Mon – Friday (8am – 5pm)

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  1. i need a meter for a new room that has not been occupied.the plot has other kplc meters that are fitted to serve other rooms.hoe can i go about the process and is your meter going to serce the same as other kplc meters independedly(0723777680)

  2. Gerald Kariuki says:

    Does one has to consult kplc for assurance before purchasing your tokens?

  3. Do you have power meters with detached CIU which can be fitted in the house?

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