Linda Mifugo Insurance by KCB

If you visit your nearest KCB branch
today, you will be able to protect your livestock investment with Linda Mifugo

Linda Mifugo Insurance
What Does Linda Mifugo Insurance cover?
The cover provides indemnity against
loss from death of declared/insured animals resulting from natural
uncontrollable causes or circumstances, including third party liability. The
risks covered include:-
  •          Accidental death due to lighting,, injury,
    windstorm, snake bites, flooding, fire and poisoning through spray, food or
  •          Disease
  •          Epidemics
  •          Diseases of terminal nature
  •          Emergency slaughter on a veterinary practitioner’s
  •          Theft by use of force when in paddock or under
    zero grazing
  •          Calving/furrowing complications
  •          Malicious acts
  •          Riot, Strike, and civil commotion
  •          Cover extends to include transit risks within

 Livestock Covered
All breeds of
dairy and beef cattle, ranching
Products Featured and Benefits
The policy is issued annually for dairy/beef
cattle and ranching goats/sheep whereas a seasonal policy is issued for pigs
and poultry-broilers.
Age limits for cattle is 3 months to 10 years
Cover available to livestock and poultry farmers
anywhere in Kenya
Animals required to be in sound health free from
any disease or injury at the commencement of cover.
Every animal should be vaccinated and dipped
regularly and records well kept
All treatment and inoculation must be by a
qualified veterinary practitioner
Insured value is based on the veterinary
practitioner’s health and evaluation certificate issued prior to going on cover
Claim settled at Insured value less excess and
salvage value
Third party liability covered up to a
claim/annual limit of Ksh. 500,000
Insurance accessible across KCB’s extensive
branch network
Simple application process with a minimum
premium of Ksh. 2,000 per policy
A proper mode of identification for all insured animals
e.g. Ear tags or tattoo
What Linda Mifugo Insurance Does not Cover

The cover excludes loses from:
  •          Slaughter/intentional destruction without
    insurer’s consent (except on humanity grounds with the consent of a qualified veterinary
  •          Castration or other surgical operations
  •          Malicious or willful misconduct or negligence by
    the insured or his management
  •          Transportation by air and/or sea
  •          Costs incurred in recovery of stolen or lost
  •          Unexplained/mysterious/unaccountable loss or
    disappearance or clandestine sale of the insured animal
  •          Losses occurring while on culling
  •         Destruction or dispossession by order of
    government or local authority unless due to epidemics
  •          Congenital defects (defects the animal is born
  •          Accident or disease contracted prior to
    commencement of the policy
  •          Consequential loss of any kind or description
  •          Impotence and sterility
  •          Inadequate milk production
  •          Treatment and vaccination costs
  •          Milful misconduct/neglect, malnutrition and poor
    animal husbandry practices
  •          Cattle/goats/pigs above 10 years
  •          Livestock participating in exhibitions and shows
    (unless with insurer’ prior approval)
  •          10% of each and every theft claim and/or 5% of
    each and every other claim minimum Ksh. 2,500
  •          Losses resulting from nuclear and radioactive contamination,
    war, terrorism and political risks
  •          Losses arising from medical treatment by unqualified
  •          Loses caused by famine, cattle rustling and
  •          Cost of emergency response e.g. fire brigade
    charges and police costs


  •          Any livestock or poultry farmer can apply
  •          Cattle below 10 years of age
  •          Submit duly completed application form and a
    current veterinary/valuation report from the local livestock
  •          Premium must be paid before commencement of

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