How to Use My Phone as Modem

modems are service provider specific. In Kenya for instance, you need a
Safaricom modem for your safaricom sim-card, and a different modem for
Aitel , Orange or any other service provider. Purchasing the modems cost
money. Why not just use your phone as a modem?

As the major service providers change their prices every
so often to deal with the tough competition they face, the customers are
left changing from one provider to the next in search of the cheapest
and most reliable deal for their internet needs.

How to use Phone as Modem

But it is insane
to keep buying a new modem every time a new offer comes up. It is way
much easier to just use your phone and change the sim-cards accordingly.
It even makes more sense if the phone you are using supports twin sim.


I found out how to use my phone as modem, I was using a Safaricom
Modem. This I did not buy; I got it as an offer when I bought my Dell Inspiron Netbook
from one of their outlets. Using
safaricom internet bundles was too expensive for me. I bought a Yu modem
and only used it for a month. It turned out to be way too slow.

Unlocking a modem is an option, but I never had any success with that.

Tethering to an Android Smartphone

I am sure that it can be done in phones using other operating systems, I
use an android smartphone. It is very easy to do it by just activating
the USB tethering option. I’ve realized that using the phone makes use
of the mobile data which is way much cheaper than modem data.

only challenge I have is that I have found several missed calls made
while my phone is connected to the USB. Though I have no problem making
calls myself, I still don’t understand why some of my incoming calls
fail to get through.

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