How to Upgrade to GOTV Plus How do I Upgrade my GOTV Subscription?

If you would like to upgrade your subscription on GOTV to GOTV plus, simply follow these easy steps using your phone.SMS ‘UPGRADE IUC NUMBER’ to 22688.

Remember that GOTV plus subscription is 849 Kenyan shillings a month. You need to pay this amount before upgrading. You can see how you pay GOTV via Mpesa here.

How to Upgrade to GOTV Plus
Courtesy of GOTV

Your IUC number is the number on the red sticker under your decoder.

Kindly note that simply paying the correct amount for the package you’d like to upgrade to does not automatically upgrade your subscription.

If you ever decide to downgrade, you still have to do it on your phone or though your online account.

142 thoughts on “How to Upgrade to GOTV Plus How do I Upgrade my GOTV Subscription?

  1. Can you please connect my account ICU no.2017235004. I paid on 3/8/2015 and no connection till now.

    1. Please how do I make payment before upgrading to Gotv plus?

    2. Ogega Lucas says:

      Kindly upgrade my account (462 3946 405) to Gotv plus package, paid two hours ago and here trying to access you.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Please can upgrade my bouquet to GoTv plus.My IUC number is 2017465198I and i paid on Kshs 850 on 03/01/2016 but still it not the all channels needed. When i view some channels it tells me I am not allowed to view such channels. Why? Please do something to help me.

  2. Please can upgrade my account ICU number 2004323991. I paid on Kshs. 850 on 13/10/2015 but still it not the all channels needed. When i view some channels it tells me I am not allowed to view such channels. Why? Please do something to help me.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Hi please upgrade my number IUC 2015926740

  3. I just paid 850 and I want to upgrade to Gotv plus. Can you please upgrade, IUC: 4623412164

  4. Hey Mom,Could you please upgrade my gotv value to Gotv plus?I already paid ksh 850 yesterday but all i can watch are the gotv value channels.My ICU NO. 2005179612.Thank in advance.

    1. How are you doing Ramezy? Your account has been upgraded. Happy viewing.

  5. Hi,Could you please upgrade my gotv to gotv plus…already paid ksh 850…ICU 2005179612.Thanks

  6. Modern Mom!!
    Please upgrade my IUC 2015895467 to gotv plus, Kes 850 amounts paid.

  7. Hey I paid 1800 and still no channels working except 1 and KBC. Iuc no 2016940321

    1. I'll have them reset your account. From the amount you've paid, I'm also assuming that you need to downgrade to GOTV Lite. If not, just let me know.

  8. Pliz activate our account. 1800 waz paid today BT no channels working. iuc no 2016940321

    1. I've requested GOTV to reset your account. Give them a few minutes.

  9. Please upgrade my account.already paid 849. Acc 2016034767

  10. Anonymous says:

    kindly upgrade my account.have already paid.IUC NO 2003687381

    1. Your account is now active on the Plus package.Press Menu>Options>Advanced options>Automatic Scanning>OK.^

  11. just bought a decoder IUC 2017773002 and channels are not available except KTN 2

    1. That's probably due to weak signal strength. Here's what you should do adjust your aerial until you get a signal strength of 90% and quality of 100%. Then press Menu >Advanced options> Installation> Automatic Scan> OK on the remote to scan for channels

  12. Anonymous says:

    Hi,please upgrade my acc.2017090194 i have already paid the 850/- but i am unable to upgrade

  13. Already paid ksh. 849 today but they have renewed my gotv value bouquet and credited the ksh. 250 as overpayment.. Please advice

    1. Samuel, just give me your IUC number and I'll have your subscription upgraded to GOTV Plus.

    1. I've requested GOTV to downgrade your subscription. Give it a few minutes.

  14. Upgrade iuc number 2016189870 I've paid the needed amount and followed you're post but still it isn't upgraded

  15. Enter your comment…upgrade my decorder iuc 2003621372 for gotv plus i have paid 850/=.Am Paul

  16. Hey please upgrade my bouquet from Gotv lite to Gotv plus.Gotv has activated the wrong bouquet. My iuc number is 2021852875

  17. hey mom,plz upgrade my gotv plus,paid for it yesterday after disconnection bt same channels ,,iuc is 2018645029

  18. stephen Tanui says:

    I paid for my Gotv yesterday for Gotvlite but today its displaying subscription has expired and i paid 555. when i check the status on the internet, its active and expires on 16.06.2016. what might be the problem. kindly assist. ICU no. is 2018682312

  19. Anonymous says:

    kindly upgrade my decoder i paid 849 and top up 50 but the package is the previous one still.kindly upgrade .My IUC number is 4622554264

  20. Hey please downgrade my GOTV account from GOTV plus to GOTV value. I have already paid 599 shillings. Paid on Friday, 8 April 2016

  21. Please downgrade my GOTV subscription to GOTV value IUC number is 2016931215. I pain 599 shillings on Friday,8 April 2016

  22. Anonymous says:

    My recorder fails to upgrade and channel got lost.Now the upgrade option is lost.IUC number is 2017791756

  23. please upgrade my decorder to gotv lite since i have already paid 555 IUC NO IS 2009435724

  24. Upgrade IUC 2014367045 please been displaying first installation i scan no channels are found antenna connection is confirmed ok

  25. Anonymous says:

    i paid ksh570 for the lite package but my account is suspended . whats wrong. uic 4624089207

  26. kindly upgrade IUC no. 2009448294 to GOTV Plus

    i paid 950 shillings last week and i really need my channels back. please help.

  27. Kindly upgrade my GOTV to GOTV Plus package. I paid 950 but the account is still not showing call the channels. kindly help ..IUC No. 2009448294

  28. Hi i have paid for lite @555/-and i want to active for 650 how will ido i have paid again 95/- please help my iuc 2016993663

  29. Help me upgrade to the next bouquet.I already paid 650 but need to get to the 920 bouquet IUC 20217644037

  30. Anonymous says:

    kindly help me upgrade to gotv plus.paid the 250ksh for top up.
    iuc 2018550433.

  31. Anonymous says:

    kindly upgrade to gtv plus.iuc 2018550433

  32. Anonymous says:

    Kindly upgrade to Gotv plus iuc 2002945437.i paid ksh 920 yesterday

  33. Anonymous says:

    Please upgrade to Gotv Plus IUC No. is 2016131045. I have already made payment.

  34. Please upgrade decoder to gotv plus…. Paid 920 yesterday…. Iuc 2016839330

  35. Just paid my gotv account like two second ago.. I wanted to upgrade to gotv plus from gotv value, I have paid ksh920 but it is still showing the gotv value package and my account is showing a ksh271 credit. Can you help me upgrade to gotv plus? My uic number is 2016100983

  36. Anonymous says:

    Kindly help me clear error code 16. My IUC no. 2014336684. Paid ksh. 970. Thanks

  37. Anonymous says:

    kindly upgrade my bouquet to GoTv plus 2014136608

  38. Anonymous says:

    Kindly upgrade my gotv decorder I have paid 920 yesterday ICU is 2018602251

  39. Plz activate my acount to gotv lite ive paid 160-my icu no.2018839113

  40. Pleas sought my problem coz av paid 5 hours ago but until now there's no service ICU No 4624103907

  41. Anonymous says:

    kindly upgrade gotv value to gotv plus IUC 2019026988 paid on 12th sept

      1. Kecey Noah says:

        I need to upgrdate gotv plus to go tv max please help, n is customer care talking to agent 24/7

  42. pliz upgrade my iuc number 2014195707 to gtv plus have already pay the subcrition money

  43. Anonymous says:

    Upgrade my account 2017630977 have paid

  44. Anonymous says:

    Please connect my gotv.paid but am still getting the notification that my subscription has expired. IUC NO.4622934836

  45. Please upgrade for me to gotv plus iuc no 2014368286 the easy steps you say doesn't seem to work all it does is drain the airtime. kindly do something

  46. Hi ihave paid 640 today for icu no.2017472770 and iwould like to upgrade to the plus bouquet..can you please help..eric

  47. Hi ijust paid ksh.640 for icu.2017472770.would like to upgrade to gotv ijust pay the balance?

  48. Anonymous says:

    kindly upgrade my gotv to gotv plus.iuc no.2017354517

  49. I just paid 920 for icu.4622924139 for gotv plus but can't view channels in the banquet, assist to upgrade. Thanks in advance

  50. I just paid 920 for icu.4622924139 for gotv plus but can't view channels in the banquet, assist to upgrade. Thanks in advance

  51. Kindly upgrade my subscription from Gtv lite to Gotv Value, l just paid ksh470. Tried to upgrade on line but can't upgrade.

  52. Kindly upgrade my gotv plus,l subscribe since morning,l suppose to be watch all
    The stations but watch only 13 stations. Pls,help me to rectify the iuc no is 2028535010.thank u

  53. Anonymous says:

    Kindly assist me upgrade my Gotv. My IUC number is 4623885852

  54. Please upgrade my Gotv value to gotvplus please, this is my IUC number 4620939221

  55. Please I wanted to subscribe for Gotvplus and mistakenly clicked Gotv value of 1250. Please is there a way to upgrade to Gotvplus? This is my IUC no 4620939221

  56. Please upgrade my Gotv plus my IUC number is 4623393763

  57. Please upgrade my Gotv plus my IUC number is 4623393763

  58. Anonymous says:

    I have already payed and I want you to activate my account to gotv plus iuc 2014146937

  59. HELLO,

  60. Hello,i paid for my go tv on 6th november,i usually subscribe the go tv plus package @699ksh but i paid 1000 by mistake.My issue is not the overpayment ,the problem is that i cannot watch anything am being told my subsription is expired yet i even overpaid.My IUC number is 2014337204.Kindly assist

  61. I paid yesterday 850 but untill now there's no activation.Pls activate iuc2016837396

  62. I have just upgraded to GO TV plus but still some channels are not showing. My IUC number is 2017796080. i have paid 920/- kindly upgrade

  63. Anonymous says:

    Please upgrade IUC 2017192165 to gotv plus…paid 849

  64. I paid for Gotv lite 3 months but would like to upgrade to Gotv value.iuc 4622948790

  65. Please upgrade ICU 2018573831 to Gotv plus I have paid 849

  66. Anonymous says:

    Kindly upgrade to gotv plus I have paid ,850 iuc number 2018587202

  67. I paid 731 and i cant view local channels …i dont want to upgrade now please

  68. I paid 1299 yesterday and my Uic no. 4622981832. I even phoned in to the helpline and i am still not upgraded. Can you help me?

  69. Please help me upgrade my account to GoTV plus. The IUC number is 2009348079
    Already deposited 700/= via mpesa to your paybill number. Hoping for a prompt response. Thanks

  70. Hlo ,how can I switch from go TV value to go TV plus after having paid it yesterday

  71. Solomon Esther Olaleye says:

    Kindly help upgrade my gotv bouquet to gotv plus. Here are the details;IUC Number-2018735205, NAME- Solomon Tunde, COUNTRY -NIGERIA. Thank you.

  72. Downgrade my gotv to gotv plus IUC 2016926762 pliz

  73. Pls upgrade my a/c. I paid 499/=. IUC 7018854822

  74. Hello, is it possible u upgrade my gotv to gotv plus despite my current active subscription of kshs 499. In Kenya.

  75. please upgrade for me my account 2014339886 to GOtv Lite quarterly of Ksh 590/-

  76. Esther kalekye Philip says:

    Please have paid 750 to watch zee world but its not available what should I do?

  77. Jane nyambura says:

    I have followed your steps on how to upgrade gotv from gotv lite to gotv plus. I did pay 849 as you indicated on 31st March 2019
    Please need you to upgrade to gotv plus.
    ICU 2019043982

  78. Stephen munene says:

    Kindly upgrade my gotv to gotv plus here is my payment. ND621LRWT2 Confirmed. Ksh999.00 sent to GO TV. for account 2018945360 on 6/4/19 at 11:52 AM g

  79. Esther thuo says:

    Kindly upgrade my gotv 4622727244 have paid 500. Thanks

  80. Yvonne Kinzley says:

    Hey Mom,Could you please upgrade my gotv to Gotv plus?I already paid ksh 850 yesterday but all i can watch are the gotv value channels.My ICU NO. 2022047336.Thank in advance.

  81. hey,please help upgrade to gotv plus just paid 850 but the channels are for value package. IUC NUMBER 4622716326

  82. Pliz upgrade to Gotv lite IUC 2018602295

  83. Please upgrade to a higher boutique my gotv I have paid for IUC number 2018794322

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