How to Set Up a Custom Domain on Blogger

One of my readers reached out to me yesterday asking how he can use his own custom domain on blogger instead of the blogspot subdomain. Since I know that others might be having this very problem, I thought it would be better to answer him here. In this post, I shall walk you through the steps you take to set up a custom domain on blogger.
  1. On your blogger dashboard, click on ‘Settings’
    Set Up a Custom Domain on Blogger
  2. Under ‘Basic’ Settings, click on ‘+ Setup a Third Party URL for your blog’
  3. Enter your custom domain in the dialogue box ensuring that you include the www. part
  4. Click on save and you will get an error message with 2 CNAMEs that will allow you to verify your domain ownership
  5. Log into your Domain Registrar’s website and locate the Domain Name Settings otherwise known as DNS
  6. Add the 2 CNAME Records provided to you in step 4 above. The first one is the same for everyone. Under Name, Label or Host, add ‘www‘ and under Destination, Target or Points To, add ‘
  7. Now add the second CNAME as shown below
  8. You then have to add 4 ‘A Records’ pointing to these IP addresses;
    Enter @ as the Name Label or Host and the IP addresses above as the Destination, Target or Points to. Save and Repeat for all four as shown below.

  9. Now go back to your blogger dashboard and click on save. You should be able to see a screen like shown below if you followed all the steps correctly.
  10. The final step involves clicking on the ‘Edit’ next to your domain and selecting ‘Redirect’ to ensure that your bare URL redirects to www.yourdomain.

Congratulations, you now know how to set up a custom domain on blogger.

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