How to Instantly Increase you Mpesa Fuliza Limit

Instantly Increase you Mpesa Fuliza Limit

In this post, you’ll learn a simple trick that can instantly increase your Mpesa Fuliza limit for those times when you are in a very tight spot and need some money quick.

Fuliza is an overdraft service that allows M-PESA customers to complete transactions even when their have insufficient funds in their accounts. You can opt into this service by dialing *234# and then selecting Mpesa Fuliza.

You can then use continue transacting as normal (apart from withdrawing) until you exhaust your Fuliza limit. But how do you increase the fuliza limit instantly?

While the Fuliza limit is reviewed every 3 months depending on your usage of the Mpesa account, you can instantly increase this limit by opting out and then opting in.

This trick works half the time. Sometimes your limit will be reset back to zero.

To grow your limit organically continue using Safcom and M-PESA services frequently and make sure to repay Fuliza debt on time by toping up your M-PESA account. The limit can go as high as 70,000 shillings.

Failing to pay your debt after 30 days denies you access to your Fuliza M-PESA limit . This limit will however be restored once you make the full repayment of your Fuliza balance.

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27 thoughts on “How to Instantly Increase you Mpesa Fuliza Limit

  1. yes this works if your initial balance was 0. it worked for me.

  2. yes this works if your initial balance was 0. it worked for me.and your site is vulnerable, it exposes wordpress php in the url, have your developer patch this up.

  3. William odhiambo awiti says:

    Am requesting for an increase in fuliza limit….I have been paying promptly …I have stayed in ksh 1500 for so long…

    1. Web developer says:


  4. Samuel mwakisha says:

    Ineed a limit above 10k ihava being paying in time but my limit do grow

    1. You’re welcome, Fred. 🙂

  5. Dennis musango says:

    I need a limit of 70000ksh

  6. Alphayo opiyo says:

    I had limit of 300 and then I mistakenly opt out then when I opted in again I found now my limit is now zero up to date why🤔😢😭😭?

  7. Amina Rishard Omar says:

    I have been a customer more than 10 years. Am on Fuliza everyday but my limit is just Shs.1000 .Why?

  8. Kelvin sabatiah says:

    Hi if I opt out of my fuliza account now what is my limit after opting in again

  9. I’m surprised it worked!!!!!! Normally I dont do reviews but this one I just had to. Thanks.

  10. Jackson Nyairo says:

    lt’s embarrassing when I can’t access increased limit even when I repay in time

  11. Abdi Adan Guleid says:

    My limit was 12000 Now is 3500 and I Use This Phone More 14year

  12. Increase my limit coz I usualy use m-pesa throughout the day

  13. My limit is 500 what do I do to increase my limit

  14. I always paying my fuliza debt on time but my fuliza limit is at stand of 500ksh,can I access to 4500ksh….al appreciate.

  15. I want to increase my limit

  16. My fuliza limit was 500 but when i opt out and again opt in my limit reduce to zero why

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