How to Install GOTV | Installing GOTV Step-by-Step

If you are scratching your head wondering how to install GOTV, relax, it is easy and we’ll walk you through the steps…

How to Install GOTV  Step by Step

  1. Connect the decoder to the TV using the voice and video cables provided
  2. Take the antenna outside and mount it temporarily
  3. Connect the Antenna to the decoder using the cable that comes with the box
  4. Connect the decoder to power using the power cable
    How to Install GOTV
    Courtesy of GOTV
  5. Power on and the setup will begin automatically
  6. Select the language and allow time for the decoder to scan the available channels
  7. If it does not scan, adjust the outside antenna until the strength of the signal is strong enough
  8. When it is done scanning, that’s it. Congratulations. You just learnt how to install GOTV. Now tune in to channel 99 and enjoy.

Watch the Video Below on Installing GOTV in a few Easy Steps

Once you have install GOTV on your decoder, it is now time to activate it for the very first time and to make the payment for the package you would like to go with.


11 thoughts on “How to Install GOTV | Installing GOTV Step-by-Step

  1. Hi Gotv… kindly work on the error.. i have not been able to watch my television for the past 3days.. my IUC number is 2017643718, KIndly help my tel. no. is 0722477918

  2. Hi kindly assist me,I have practically followed every single step for first time installation of my Gootv but its still not working. Scanning results for both Tv and radio stations is zero. What haven't I done?

  3. Hello gotv kindly assist my decoder has a e48-32 error that is not clearing even after adjusting my antenna this applies to all the channels. My iuc no is 2003616209

  4. I keep loosing my local channels. What could be the issues. IUC# 2021760182

  5. Hello kindly assist me in my first installation iuc no 4622554998

  6. Kindly help..I did a reset of the decoder but seems it's not working…iuc no 4623758177

  7. I lost my IUC number n I want to get connected, can I get it

  8. plz assist my decoder is not working 6999129297

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