How to get Huduma Number

The registration of Huduma number commenced on Monday and has faced a number of challenges as expected. Registration forms are not enough in some of the counties and some of the registration assistants are yet to fully familiarize themselves with the Biometric capturing kits. This post gives you the Huduma Number Form Download and walks you through the registration process.

Huduma Number Registration Form Download

If you can download the registration forms and fill them before hand, this with shorten the time taken dramatically.

Huduma Namba Registration form

Where to Get your Huduma Number

You can register for your Huduma Number at the nearest Assistant Chief’s office or sub county office. You can also visit a Huduma centre.

NIIMS Registration Process

  1. Fill in a hard copy form with your bio data, biometrics and photos
  2. Information is entered into a registration kit that stores the captured data locally
  3. The information is then uploaded into the server at the end of the day
  4. Data is fed into the Huduma Namba Server & UPI is generated

When will the Huduma Namba Registration take place

The registration commenced on the 1st of April and will run for 45 days.

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