Clear e16 Error on GOTV | How to Reset the e16 Error on GOTV

When your GOTV subscription expires, you get the e16 error. Renewing the subscription while the decoder is turned on normally resets the error. To see how you pay for GOTV via Mpesa, check out this article.There are times when making a payment fails to automatically reset the e16 error, this is wen you have to bring out the big guns. Here’s how to clear e16 error on GOTV:

  • SMS ‘RESET‘ IUC NUMBER’ to 22688. The IUC number is the number on the red sticker while 22688 is GOTV Kenya short code. Ensure that your decoder is swtiched on while you do this so it can receive the signal. The SMS charges for your mobile company apply.
Clear e16 Error
Courtesy of GOTV
  • Another method of resetting the decoder to clear the e16 error is by dialing *423# and following the prompts.
  • You can also reset by visiting your Eazy GOTV account. Select your country then login using your IUC number and your surname/mobile number of the person who registered and the IUC number. Click on Clear error and select the displayed error and then click on clear.
  • If all these fail, contact support via twitter or Facebook and they’ll help you further and clear your e16 error.
It is important to note that the GOTV subscription rates were increased with effect from 15th May, 2016. If you paid the same amount you used to pay before, that might be the reason you are still getting the E-16 error. See the new GOTV rates here to find out how much you need to pay now.

173 thoughts on “Clear e16 Error on GOTV | How to Reset the e16 Error on GOTV

  1. I have the problem of clearing E16 error my ICU 2018521678. please contact me as possible … no 0710564806

    1. The e-16 error is normally a reception issue and not payment issue. Check your aerial and adjust it to improve reception.

      If you have an e-16 error though, just give me your IUC number and I'll have it fixed.

      1. Folawi shukurat says:

        My ICU 7031981223 my number 09035791180

      2. jah Mwamure says:

        plz reset for me 2017347717

        1. John Kaloki says:

          please clear the E-16 error code for me my luc number is 2017427370

      3. Phelesters Omwambe says:

        7031987778, phone no 0707752606

      4. My gotv brings E106-6 error. Iuc number is; 2019345364

      5. help me to clear e_16 ICU is 8060649143 my number is 0774641017

    2. Anonymous says:

      kindly clear for me the e-16 error on 2017138461

    3. Anonymous says:

      kindly assist on e-16 error on 2017138461

    4. Kindly connect for on my Gotv A/NO 2018521678.
      I would like to pay less but not ksh850. Please make my payment to be easy. If possible make even to be KSH150. Please kindly its my own request.

    5. Does gotv work after not paying for not receiving as signal or is it just punishment for me

    6. My IUC no is 2015887403. I have always had the free to air programs, bur at the begining of this month, I am only able to watch KBC/CCTV. I do not intend to pay any subscription fees. Please advise on how I can clear the err..e16. The screen shows a list of all channels tho

    7. Anonymous says:

      2018624756 please clear me

    8. Anonymous says:

      kindly clear IUC no. 4622908001

  2. Anonymous says:

    my ICU 201851436 e-16 APPEARING PLEASE SORT IT OUT

  3. I have error e16,IUC NUMBER IS 4624081976 please rectify for me its hectic I cant resolve it at all….

  4. Anonymous says:

    Kindly clear error E 16 and E66-32.I have paid but efforts to clear errors not fruitful.IUC 2017034424

  5. Kindly assist me to clear E16 erro on my decoder my IUC NO IS 2017775420 in have already pay.i paid on 01/02/2016 via mpesa.

  6. my iuc no is 2016865309 kindly clear this e16 error i can only view kbc

  7. Reset2017038271 ..have paid and am still getting no really frustrated by this erro

  8. Anonymous says:

    Iuc no 2016833694 please help clear e16

  9. IUC no is 2018573361 please help, just paid

  10. I have the problem of clearing E16 error my IUC 4622702759 . please contact me as possible … no 0707338844

  11. Anonymous says:

    Please help clear my E16 iuc no 2015987518.thanks

  12. Anonymous says:

    Plz help me remove the e-16 error No.4622956506

  13. Have paid for my decoder but am not getting the services I had paid for. There is still a disclaimer on the monitor that I have to pay 849 shillings . why so and I have paid. my IUC NO. IS, 2018615527.

  14. Kindly clear for me e- 16 error I av a problem clearing it my ICU number 2017804227

  15. I paid via Mpesa for 2018531698 on Friday
    The 24/3/16.i yet indicate a balance outstanding.kindly clear error 16 and update my account

  16. My IUC No is 4623497646. it almost one week since i paid. no matter what i do the E16 and #2 error codes wount go.Please help

  17. please help me clear e16 error iuc no: 2018593177

  18. Anonymous says:

    I paid for my account 2017510540,all channels are showing,apart from local ones excluding KBC, which have the e16 error.kindly assist

  19. Hello, I already paid for my account 2018569213 and up until now it still shows the E16 error code. I have tried endlessly to contact the customer service numbers and none is going through, this is not forgetting the fact that all the other times i tried contacting the same numbers it was same case scenario, which I think is preposterous. I need this sorted out soonest possible. If not so, give alternative numbers through which I can contact the customer center and which are working. Regards.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Kindly assist in clearing E-16 error for this IUC no. 2017285611

  21. paid yesterday but still cant whatch any channel except kbc. iuc 2018570830

  22. Anonymous says:

    kindly clear the E16 error.IUC NO.2018724909

  23. Anonymous says:

    Kindly clear e16 error code Iuc is 2016121458

  24. i av paid bout am still havein e16 erro iuc number 4601712889

  25. Anonymous says:

    Kindly help me clear the E16 error,my ICU no is 2017780076

  26. Anonymous says:

    Kindly clear my E 16 error. I paid yesterday kshs 850 but the error is still there. My IUC No. 2017346558

  27. Kindly clear my E 16 error. I have paid but the error is still there. My IUC no is 2017061662

  28. Please help me clear my gotv error code I can only view KBC my iuc number 2017376991 confirming my iuc number 2017376991

  29. Kindly clear the error yesterday at seven i did pay to be upgraded. i payed 849 via mpesa and even went ahead to clear the error via sms and said it was successful and requested me to keep my decoder on it will be graded. only to wake up this morning and nothing has happened. honestly your system is really frustrating. my IUC no. 2016890596

  30. Hi. I subscribed to go TV last month. I made the first payment of 849 but still there's an e 32 error. What is the problem?

  31. Anonymous says:

    Since last month have not been able to enjoy your services. I have paid via mpesa,tried to clear the E16 error but still cant watch. MY IUC 2018546774 please help. florence

  32. Hi, I am kindly requesting whether I can be assisted to clear error E66-32 on my Gotv; IUC number is 2002928232.I have already made payment and nothing is forth coming despite following the laid out procedure.

  33. Pliz assist I paid but still not connecting my IUC Number is 4622820312 its not the first tym.thank you.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Av done all, my decorder isn't responding. Assist please. IUC 4623632357.

  35. Please help me clear this e16 error thing,,,,I renewed my gotv Jana but still I can't watch any channel,,,IUC number,,2014125029,,,

  36. Anonymous says:

    Please assist, I paid yesterday but no connection yet. My IUC number is 2017460032

  37. Anonymous says:

    please sort me to clear E16 ERROR MY IUC NO 2003684174 I PAID BUT CANT WATCH

  38. Anonymous says:

    kindly assist me in clearing E-16,E66-32 MY IUC NO IS 4622483775 paid but nothing shows up please rectify before I think of another alternative

  39. Anonymous says:

    E16 error is my prob. Please to clear it my IUC Number is 2018749855.

  40. Can you tell me why even after paying 599 yesterday my decoder is not working 2017344129

  41. Anonymous says:

    Kindly clear error code IUC 2017465077.

  42. Clear err code 16 iuc number 2016868079 paid 950 1300hr today have tried both ways *423# and the reset icu number and still not yet kindly help

  43. Anonymous says:

    Kindly clear E16 I miss my favourite programmes. IUC number is 4622804003

  44. Anonymous says:

    I've paid yet e16 error not clearing using laid down procedure. Thank you.

  45. Anonymous says:

    I've paid yet e16 error not clearing using laid down procedure. Thank you.
    ICU 2016960573

  46. Act 2017821378 has been paid the error will not clear. Secondly its keeps scanning every too often and causing a lot of inconvenience because it does not return to the station prior to scanning

  47. Hallo please can you clear the e16 error message for icu4622729416.thank you

  48. Check my decoder saying error E66-32: this channel is not authorized for viewing. Please contact the gotv call centre for assistance.
    Iuc number 2017259024

  49. Assist clear this error E66-32: the
    Iuc number is 2017824734

  50. Anonymous says:

    clear this E16 for me please. My IUC numbers is 2019015438. what happened with September offer for free viewing?

  51. My iuc number is 2016031410. Paid. Kindly clear e16 error

  52. Anonymous says:

    kindly clear e16 error IUC 2015948367 AS i have already paid

  53. Anonymous says:

    Why is that everytime i pay my decorder it takes u ages to update it. Your services are very poor. Zuku iko afadhali. Resetvmy decorder nachelewa kuwoch news. 2019180108

  54. Anonymous says:

    Kindly clear error E16 i hv already paid.

  55. Anonymous says:

    Kindly clear error e16 2017417324

  56. Anonymous says:

    reset my decoder icu no 2021785580

  57. Anonymous says:

    kindly assist me
    my iuc number is 2016908446

  58. Anonymous says:

    Please reset mine. IUC-2017489472

  59. Anonymous says:

    re connect my gotv decoder…my iuc number is 2014133147

  60. Anonymous says:

    Plese remove E16 error on my gotv decoder. IUC is 4622937276

  61. Assist clear this error E16 and E66-32.
    My IUC no.2003673554 the error has been there for a week now ver frustrated.

  62. Assist clear this error E48-32 and E16 on my decoder.My IUC is 2003673554.

  63. Anonymous says:

    the e16 error why always

  64. I have paid 699 and and is not showing the channel is supposed to show ICU number 2017625690

  65. Anonymous says:

    Please clear for me e16my out no. Is 2018512048

  66. Anonymous says:

    Please reconnect my account I paid yesterday but still not showing I can only view KBC.

  67. Please clear E16 error on 2018868171‬

  68. Anonymous says:

    I have been suspended 2014167737,o have just paid,kindly fix the error E-16

  69. Hi, I paid on 10th october2018.till now channels have not been returned. My ICU NO. is 2017494401 phone no. 0720480323. Henry Mokua Momanyi.pls fix the problem.

  70. Kindly can you remove for me the e16 error, the IUC NO Is
    4622621090, My contact 0721823878.

  71. Anonymous says:

    Kindly clear E16 error IUC 2014130899.

  72. Hi! kindly clear the E16 error my IUC:7018766204 my no: 0799048256

  73. hello happy new year kindly clear for me E16 error in my gotv IUC 2017116355 my mobile 0721286642

  74. Anonymous says:

    Please clear my E16 error am just tired of all the procedures n nothing is showing yet

  75. Please clear error for me, I paid since last week and it’s still bringing errors. My iuc no is. 7028941453. We activated the gotv using Aremu and paid using Adewale. Please correct

  76. Ahmadu Alhaji shehu says:

    i have payed one thausand nine hundred for subscrebtion since yesterday and still my gotv is not responding and I also I have sent sms to clear the erro cord 16 still is not responding . I don’t what to do please help me

  77. kindly clear my error code for 2017638067 have already paid.

  78. Victor kimutai says:

    Am victor kimutai I have a problem with my gotv iuc 2018857472, clear for 16errors, please contact me 0715485798

  79. wàcheni kunichukua mjinga
    Nimewapigia simu Mara kadhaa nikatuma SMS kwa #423* ilimtioe error #16 mkaniahidi after a minute sasa kwani hiyo dakika inachukua mwaka
    Huwa nalipia icu 2018742412 for 3 months itakua aje mnaniwekea 2 months mnasema ni computer error na sasa hamjarekebisha na 1 minute yenye mliniambia

    ICU No. 2018742412

  80. Owoseni Olufunke Abiodun says:

    Pls i need ur help my friend gave me her own Gotv and i want to recharge on it, how I mine going to do it

  81. solomon katiti says:

    pliz clear error16 for 2017804455

  82. pliz clear error16 for 2017804455


  84. Joseph Kimathi says:

    clear my E-16 error code 2018562573

  85. joseph njoki says:

    assist me reactivate 2017638971

  86. please clear for me E16 Erro 2015931070

  87. Jenipher Atieno Rapoko says:

    Please clear E16 error iuc 2018520986 I have tried clearing after making payment but it no working

  88. JOHN G.NJENGA says:


    JOHN G.NJENGA TEL.0722-882061

  89. kindly please clear for me my erro code,i have already made my payment,LUC number is 4623905153

  90. I have a problem with resetting my Gotv…and already have paid my bill of 799 from Sunday 7th June pains allot…

  91. 7013558565. My ICU NO.
    Mobile 0727431781




    kindly clear the E16 error.IUC NO.7018790225

  94. Please clear E16 on IUC 2016829374, I have tried all I can but does not work

  95. please clear my gotv e16 error

  96. Benard amuom says:

    Clear 2016905864

  97. am Solomon please clear E16 error iuc 7026469955 I have tried to clear after payment but is not working

  98. I paod for Gotv plus package but i am only able to access two channels of football plus bliZ instead of three plis bliz . How do i address this issue?

  99. Mubiru Hassan says:

    Please clear e16 error iuc 7031608035

  100. Davis Adiina says:

    Please kindly clear E16 error.
    IUC number 2020843043.

  101. Kindly clear E16 from my decoder 7023584081

  102. Martin Karanja says:

    how can i start watching gotv packages in my mobile just like in my tv? do you have an app that can be installed in a laptop so that i can watc wherever i am??

  103. Charles Ndungu Njoroge says:

    please reconnect my gotv decoder I have paid but no reconnection. IUC NO is 4622591409 and my number 0723023732.

  104. Samwel mwita chacha says:

    Clear 16 error on gotv

  105. The E-16 error is not clearing and everything has been done Including payment for lost 4 hours and counting… Also improve on the customer care service

  106. Clear for me an E16 on 2018689121

  107. Please clear E16 error iuc 2014294030 I have tried clearing but not working

  108. Hello Gotv team,I made payment today morning but still Error E16 appearskindly assist on clear IUC No 7552047197

  109. Christine mbaka says:

    Kindly clear errors in my gotv decor 7032750412

  110. Please clear e16 error iuc number is 2018799124 I have tried to cleaning but not working Reply please.

  111. I have the problem of clearing E16 error Ice no is 7552075099….Please contact me 0743054265

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