368 thoughts on “Check NHIF Status | How to Check the NHIF Account Contributions Status

    1. It is not possible. What you can check is the last time you made a contribution. This is done through your phone by following the instructions in this post.

    2. Anonymous says:

      how can one know his NHIF number? forgot mine and cant get time to visit their offices

    3. Visit any Nhif accredited hospital with your id and you will get your number as its in the system

    4. You can also make a call using one of the numbers listed in the article and they'll be able to help you with your NHIF number.

    5. Anonymous says:

      yes you can so long as you can verify that you are the contributor or dependant

    6. Why do I find another dependant in my account who i don't even know.. Who included him/her in my account. That's very serious

    7. Collins Omondi ayanga says:

      Kindly send for me my statement since may 2016

  1. how can i get my NHIF number?

    1. Send an sms with ID ***** where ***** is your ID number and send it to 21101. You'll receive a message with your NHIF number, your name, your ID number, DOB and the last month you made a contribution.

    2. Anonymous says:

      I sent an sms with my ID but what I'm getting is "INVALID NHIF CARD NUMBER." I didn't collect my card despite my employer having have deducted my salary to pay for it for four years. Does it mean I'm not in the system?

    3. this doesnt work. Instead i get details i dont understand. I keep getting the message "Asante sana. For status info,SMS Member No. or ID No starting with ID Eg: 1234567 Or ID 23456789 For help SMS 21101" Ithought that after sending my ID number to 21101 as indicated, I should be able to get my membership number but instead its even more complicated. Flora

    4. George Murema says:

      How about online not through phone… A statement online

    5. I have nhif card and I have sent my Id to 21101 and the respond is that card no is invalid

    6. Silas Cheboi says:

      Good morning,
      My infor update on my NHIF card indicate that i am still an employee of Kenya Power and yet I left the organisation in August 2015. Kindly update it to incate I am an employee of Energy Regulatory Commission. Card number is 0767024. My ID number is 889288

    7. Anonymous says:

      I have triend sending the sms as stated above on several occasion but i have not received any feedback. Ive triend for my sister and it has worked….whats wrong with mine

  2. Anonymous says:

    I haven't paid for a few months and would like to top up, is there a way I can find out the amount I need to top up without going to NHIF offices?

    1. You can make a call to NHIF to find out the backlog of your payments and the penalties by dialing one of the numbers listed in the article above.

      Alternatively, you can just pay the principal amount and wait for 60 days to be able to access the NHIF services.

  3. can i start contributions at nhif after i stopped when my employment ended?

    1. I don't see why not. I however have a feeling that you need to catch up with your monthly contributions.

    2. Unknown, you can also just start contributing without catching up on your payment and paying the penalties. The only catch is that you will not be able to access NHIF services for 60 days.

    1. Modern mom!lol
      anyway someone asked up there if one can be treated without a card with just the number and there was no answer given.
      waiting to hear for myself

    2. Im following and i want also to check my statement online….pliz give us the proceedure

  4. I have been doing my contribution since 2011 but early this year i stopped but i resumed last month will that affect me incase i want to use it in two months to come?

    1. I asked and they said that when you resume payments, you have to wait for 60 days. In your case, there should be no problem at all when you use the card in 2 months.

    2. Anonymous says:

      thanks, based mom.

  5. How can i check my NHIF status on the internet, not via mobile phone

    1. Currently you can't. You'll soon be able to once these features are launched.

  6. Married couples who are employed,are they both eligible to nhif contributions?

    1. Yes. Your spouse's card will cover you though if need arises and you are a dependant.

    2. It is in fact compulsory for any Kenyan 18 years + in formal employment. Though the spouses can use either of the cards to claim benefits, only one card may be used at a time.

  7. I pay for my grandmother nhif contributions is it possible for it to cover her depedants
    ie two orphaned kids she stays with.

    1. As far as their stipulations go, they only cover the contributor, declared spouse and children. You might have to contact NHIF directly to get a better answer to your question.

  8. hi modern mom,there is a number i was given when i was registering with NHIF and still i was issued with a card that has another different number….did they made a mistake or that's the system?

    1. To confirm, just send an sms with ID ***** where **** is your ID number and the member number you recieve in the text is your NHIF number.

  9. hi, i texted my id no to 2110 and it indicated 2016-01 as my status. Does that mean I am covered till 2016 January?
    Best regards.

    1. That's a very good question and Yes, I think it means you've paid your January subscription for next year.

  10. Anonymous says:

    We forgot to remit august contributions as a company, what are the due penalties?

  11. Anonymous says:

    I need to add my wife as a beneficiary. What is the procedure and requirements?

    1. Just visit your nearest branch with a copy of her ID and her passport photo and you'll be given a form to fill.

    2. since i am a contributer, my kid who is 8 years old is she covered under me?

  12. Anonymous says:

    my husband is a self employed contributor.as the wife i now have a job.how do i use his number for my employer to pay my nhif deductions.or i need to register a new number

    1. You will have to register your own. It is compulsory for every employed Kenyan to be an NHIF member. You can put your husband and kids as your dependents as well. Though you can use either of the cards to access treatment, you can not use them both at the same time.

      Kindly visit your nearest NHIF branch to get started.

  13. i have been doing my own casual jobs since i stopped being in Employment in January 2015. I haven't made any contribution since then. Where do i start from to start contributing as an individual

  14. Thanks for your response.

    So if i start paying monthly contributions of Kshs.500 everything will
    be ok.i.e I wont be charged/penalized for not contributing for a whole


    1. Yes daniel. You just won't be able to use your card for 2 months. After that you'll be able to access all NHIF services.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Hi. I'm under self employed. The deadline passed and I didn't pay on time. Would like to do it before the end of the month shall I pay 500 or are there any penalties incurred?

  16. patrick ondieki says:

    can i be refunded the bills incurred in another hospital facility other than my choice when referred by my choice of hospital?

    1. Anonymous says:

      Does nhif insure emergency/optional cs and where can i get the full info plz?

  17. i have sent a text message twice to this number:21101(nhif)but i have got my NHIF status in return,could they have misused my credit?

  18. Hi NHIF if i pay for example November contribution sh500,then the same month i pay another sh500,so will this be carried forward to the next month?

  19. I travelled abroad after resigning and hence stopped contibuting the fund.Its been 6 years now.Roughly how much would be the penalty, assuming am to contribute 500KES per month?

    1. Instead of paying the back log and the penalties for the 6 years, just pay the Ksh. 500 from now henceforth. You'll just not be able to use your card for the next 60 days.

  20. Am a member already. Can I ammend my details to cover my baby and wife using the same card I have.

    1. Of course. Just visit any NHIF branch with their details and you'll be given a form to fill. You'll need to carry a copy of your wife's ID and your kid's birth certificate.

  21. Anonymous says:

    hey modern mom,my spouse is the one who contributes though am also employed,is it in order or we are both needed to contribute?

    1. It is compulsory for every employee to be a member of NHIF. You can use either of the cards to get medical services, but as long as you are employed your employer should be deducting from your salary.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Hi Modern Mom
    Does NHIF cover EYE and Dental treatments for Non civil servants.(outpatient)

    1. If you go to a public hospital, you pay nothing for everything including surgery. Absolutely nothing! For other hospitals, you'll have to visit the NHIF website to see whether your hospital of choice has an agreement with NHIF or not.

  23. Hi, i was avoluntary contributor and stopped like 4yrs ago since i flew outside country, how much am i surposed to pay, do i need to pay for all those years i dint pay,right now is there any fine or i just start afresh

    1. Anonymous says:

      You do not necessarily have to pay for the 4 years your were not subscribing. You can start your payments now but you will not be able to use the card for 2 months. That's what NHIF told me when I had a similar issue.

  24. Am employed and paying my contribution, am also paying my parents voluntary contribution every month. Can all this be deducted by my employer from my salary instead of remitting monthly in cash?

    1. As far as I know, those are different entities and thus not possible. Confirm from your nearest NHIF branch kindly.

  25. IF 9TH which the deadline contribution for voluntary contributors falls on a weekend can u pay the contribution on monday without penalties.what will happen if i pay after 9th of the month

    1. But after the 9th. You pay the principal amount plus 50% more. So Ksh. 750 instead of Ksh. 500.

    2. Hi, just to confirm, if I'm making a payment for Feb, I would need to make payment by 9th Feb or 9th March? Also, in case I miss the 9th deadline and paid the principal without penalty, does this take me back-to the 60day waiting period? Thanks!

  26. I changed employment and the records show that my contributions are being made by my old employer yet my new employer is also paying, what could be the problem? will this affect my claims latter?

  27. Hi Modern Mom..I have sent my ID no to 6443 and another one to 21101 no one responded to me wats up?

  28. Hi. Keep up the good work. I was.given a copy of my nhif number and was to collect the card later but I haven't. Problem is I need to give my new employer the number but the number on the paper is not visible. How can I know my nhif number

    1. Anonymous says:

      Try this: It comes with your NHIF number.

      Compose a new sms
      Type the letters “ID”, a space, then your ID number (or passport number if applicable) e.g ID 12345678
      Send to 21101
      Note: Charge for this service is Kshs 10 only.

    2. anonymous please let them give you a job there.You are well informed and quik to respond!

  29. Anonymous says:


    How can I change my NHIF status online incase i want to add my child?

    1. For formal members it takes 30 days, for informal members it takes 60 days.

    2. Hi modern mom, could you kindly explain to me the difference between informal and formal payments

    3. A formal member is every single Kenyan who is employed. It is compulsory for every employed Kenya to be a member of NHIF. Your contributions are subtracted from your salary by your employer and the amount varies depending on how much you earn.

      Informal members are those not employed, but make monthly contributions of sh. 500 on a voluntary basis.

      I hope that clears it.

  30. Anonymous says:


  31. Anonymous says:


  32. My wife is 4 months pregnant. Can I add her to my membership and still enjoy the benefits?

  33. Anonymous says:

    Good morning Modern Mom, that you for the good work. My question is, if I change my out patient hospital for how long will take to be changed to the new facility I choose..

  34. Anonymous says:

    I applied for my card but unfortunately am un able to find time to collect it at your offices, is it possible for it to be delivered at my door step, kind request.

    1. hahaha. You just made my day! That's a little ambitious but I think we'll get there some day.

  35. Hi Modern Mom, i find your responses very helpful and informed. Now i have a patient who needs to undergo full knee replacement at a cost of 350k at either of PCEA Kikuyu or Tenweeg hospitals. The only surgeon in Tenweeg proceeded on leave till July. Since the patient's hospital of choice is Tenweeg, can she be refered to Kikuyu? and will NHIF pay the full bill?

    1. Yes. Kikuyu orthopedic Hospital is in category B of NHIF approved hospitals. According to NHIF, members admitted under contract Category B (private and mission) hospitals will enjoy full and comprehensive cover but where surgery is required, the contributor may be required to co-pay.

      I hope that answers your question Kip. I wish your patient a full and quick recovery.

    2. Hi Modern mom,I applied for my NHIF june last year and upto now havent received my card.My question is,can i use the nhif number i was given incase am in need of any medical service?

    3. Jac, Have you been making your monthly contributions? If yes, then you can use that number to access services.

  36. I work as an accountant for a company in Nairobi CBD. The previous accountant had been submitting NHIF payments for the employees via online submission. The problem is that some of the employees names were not matched with their ID numbers’ (keep in mind that the correct names were used except that the IDs did not match some of the names) as a result; some who had contributed did not have their records updated. How can i proceed with this matter to ensure that their NHIF statements are updated with the amounts deducted them?

  37. Anonymous says:

    my nhif was beeing paid by my employer, but now am no longer working with them and want to continue remiting my cash. please advise.

    1. You can just start making your own contributions. 500 shillings a month. You can use Mpesa.

  38. When does one start enjoying nhif benefits after registration.?

    1. I just confirmed that it takes 60 days for the informal members and 30 days for the formal members

  39. Modern Mom. I want to pay via mpesa. is the mpesa system effective? will it reflect immediately after submitting or how long will it take?

    1. Yes it is effective. Mpesa transactions normally take between 0 and 48 hrs to reflect.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Hi Modern Mom. if i pay my contribution via mpesa does it reflect immediately. is mpesa system effective?

    1. It might reflect immediately, but they normally say between 24 and 48 hrs. Mpesa is a very effective form of payment.

  41. Anonymous says:

    After u add say spouse or beneficially, for how long will it take to get activated

    1. Send an sms with ID 22561168 to 21101 and you'll get a message with among other information, your NHIF number.

  42. Now for me I don't which direction to go my nhif number is 091632 I used to work 2007 but now am self employed since 2008.in 2009 I went to nhif and was told I can't pay two since am married so my data was added to my husband nhif number 1605855 but after sometime we stopped paying. Now I want to be paying on self. I checked and my husband is there but m8 e still reads my employment status with even wrong date of birth. So advice me what do I upgrade and even what do I pay I even want to include my 6 year old son in the one that is right either mine or my husband.

    1. Just visit your nearest NHIF branch and fill a form to add your child. You can just start contributing the 500 monthly payment now. You will start accessing the NHIF services in two months after you start paying again.

  43. Hi. I came and changed my status from being employed to non employed and i can see thatmy account still reflects my employer of 6 yeats ago. I have been contributing on individual account. How do i go about getting help on this.


  45. Hellou,i sent a text and it read 2016:06 as a reply..does it mean i will continue paying from july?kindly help

  46. I sent msg and the reply was 2016:06. Does it mean i can wait up to end of 2016:06 to continue paying without any penalty?

  47. Anonymous says:

    Why is there a limit of 1000/- on drugs received ? its too too little.

  48. My card will mature on 9th April 2016 so I was asking am I suppose to pay anything before I starting using it my first time I have never used it

    1. You are supposed to make monthly contributions before the 9th of every month is you are an informal member. For formal members, your employer deducts and contributes for you and you do not need to pay more.

  49. I registor through online and is it posible to me to get my card…can it be deliverd to my place?

  50. Anonymous says:

    How much am i supposed to pay for covering my child

    1. You pay nothing more than your normal contribution. Just visit an NHIF branch and add your child as a dependant.

  51. What should i do my former employer deducted nhif contributions for three months and never paid for me. Kindly advice

  52. Anonymous says:

    How can i know if the dependant i added has succeseded and is covered?

    1. Visit any NHIF branch with the dependants details passport and photo copies and fill in a form.

  53. how can i get my mini statement

    1. You can follow the steps above and they'll show you the last month you made a contribution.

  54. Anonymous says:

    can i Transfer my cover to my mum because i no longer Need it because i live in another Country.

    1. No. What you can do is register her as a member and start paying her monthly contribution for her.

  55. Anonymous says:

    Hi Modern Mom.Iam Eric, I have not been consistent with my monthly payments. I was very keen on payments between 2009 and 2012, then I tried for a few months later on. Now, I have read your comments regarding those who have not been paying consistently. If I start from now what will happen to the amount that I had paid earlier.Thanks

    1. If you start paying now, you will be able to start using your card in 60 days like normal.

      About what happens to your previous contributions, remember that this is an insurance kitty. You are treated when you get sick for free. If you are fortunate enough not to fall sick, your funds are used on someone else who's not as lucky.

      I hope I've answered your question to your satisfaction.

  56. Anonymous says:

    Hallo. Suppose NHIF covers 20000 for CS operations yet a an accredited hospital they only allow nhif to cover bed charges. can i claim the amount I spend above the bed charges and below the se limit

    1. Follow the steps in this post. You just need to text your ID number. The reply you get will have your details including your NHIF number

  57. Anonymous says:

    i have been contributting to nhif since 2010 to date bt i have not received my nhif number despite visitting several branches even gave out my passport for the card but in vein
    please can i get my number
    on 0703720180
    email me simiyuemmanuel136@gmail.com

  58. What can I do so that my card can be used in a hospital if I rectified and setald my card four days after the admission to the hospital? Pls reply.

    1. If you've not been paying then you need to pay the penalties and you can use your card immediately. If not, just pay the normal monthly fee and wait for 60 days to use your card

  59. Anonymous says:

    Hae, what are the current requirements for adding a spouse to your card as a dependant??

    1. If it is your spouse, carry her passport photo and ID copy. If it is your child, carry passport photo and a copy of their birth certificate.

  60. Anonymous says:

    i made payments some few months ago till to date i havent received any notification account no 29436224

  61. Anonymous says:

    Dear Modern, I checked my NHIF contributions at the Westlands Branch and for the past 5months its nil yet my employer claims to have been paying and the business is almost collapsing so I need to make sure all is up. Will I be penalized for that yet am not a voluntary contributor?What step should I take before its too late?

    1. In your case the employer is the one who's supposed to pay the penalties.

      The only issue is that if he's not been paying then you'll not be able to receive NHIF services in case you get sick.

      I suggest you call one of the numbers in the post above to contact NHIF directly and they'll advice you on the way forward. Your call will be toll-free.

  62. Anonymous says:

    Hi Modern Mum I changed my employment status to informal employment last month I haven't notified nhif but I am due for delivery in Oct do I have to go notify them? 2 Can I make advance payment from for say 4months?

    1. For some reason I'm not so confident answering your question but I'd say you just need to start making the 500 monthly contributions. And yes, you can pay every month or you can pay for a few months at a time.

  63. himodern… i am self employed and have not paid my contributions for the last two month…i have paid ksh 1500 today on 15 th June ….are there some arrears i have not paid?how will the 1500 be distributed…

    1. For the two months, you needed to pay 750 a month which comes to 1,500. The only part I don't understand is whether when you said two months, this month is included. The reason I ask this is because at date 15, we're already past the 9th day deadline.

  64. Am currently at Ongata Rongai and would like to choose my facility, will Mt Olive sinai be appropriate since i do not have its code?

  65. Should consider revising their compensation for the benefit of their members

  66. Thanks Modern Mom for the advice concerning NHIF. However, I Have been sending sms to the mentioned no. 21101 but I rarely get any reply. Please advise if there could be any changes

  67. Anonymous says:

    how can i change from my previous employer to current

    1. I do not think that is necessary. Your new employer will start making contributions on your behalf as long as you give them your NHIF number.

  68. Anonymous says:

    i got married recently the customary way an i want to my wife to be a dependent since am submitting my NHIF,what do i do?

    1. Just visit your nearest branch with her ID copy and passport photo and request to add her as a dependant. You'll be given a form to fill.

  69. Anonymous says:

    Hi Does NHIF cover wives and children or just Wife and children?

  70. Hey modern mom gud morng,is it a must that you have to choose one hospital during the registration or you can go to any hospital for medical once you have Nhif card.

    1. Though you can go to any for inpatient, you need to choose one for outpatient.

  71. after paying penalty for 13 month late contribution after how long can get nhif services

    1. You should get the services immediately but you need to pay the penalties and all the back payments.

      If there's no emergency,I'd suggest you start paying now and access the services in 60 days. But seeing that it's already past 9th, you're already late for last month.

  72. What happens when you have not paid by 9th, is there any penalty? Is there any way you can be reminding me before the time is due?

    1. If your employer misses the deadline, he pays twice the principal. For the informal contributors, you pay the principal plus 50% of the principle. In other words, if you are to pay on, let's say 12th, instead of paying the normal Ksh. 500 you pay Ksh.750

      For the reminder, you can always set a monthly alarm on your phone.

  73. Hi,
    what are requirement to remove a spouse from an NHIF cards benefits, since is no longer under your custody.
    i will appreciate for your response.

  74. Anonymous says:

    hi i was employed onece and my employer used to pay for my NHIF later lost the job in November 2013 uptill now have not paid anything, i got another job this month. are their any charges and by how much ? or will my employer just continue paying my NHIF??

  75. hello,
    my dad is a retired teacher under TSC.
    he has been contributinng his membership fees though he never used to know the importance of NHIF.
    May i know if he still eligible to enjoy the facility.
    Rgds Otia.

    1. If he has been paying the 500 a month contributions since he retired, he's eligible.

  76. Hello
    I paid my 3 yrs contributions of ksh.18,000 to NHIF on 4th July 2016, I.e. Feb 2014 to date via mpesa. I got mpesa response but no response from NHIF todate and no payment has reflected in their system. I went to query at their upper hill office and didnt get any
    help. I have been trying to call all their numbers on their website to no avail. How do I go about this?

    1. Dear Modern Mom, I am interested in your response to this question. Please.

    2. Go back to their upper hill office and insist on speaking to someone in payroll department (that is where I was directed).show them the mpesa response and they should sort out the problem

  77. we divorced with my wife some years back. how do i remove her details from my record and instead, replace her with my current wife?

  78. Anonymous says:

    Hi, can my nhif card pay hospital bill for my daughter who is about to undergo surgery? and up to what percentage can it cover?

    1. It does if you have added her as your dependant. The percentage depends on the hospital you visit. Kindly visit http://www.nhif.or.ke to see hospitals covered and the package they fall under.

    2. Anonymous says:

      How long does it take when I add a spouse to enjoy the servise

  79. Hi,i've not paid my contribution since 2013-11,NOW'will i have to pay all contributions and the penalties?

    1. Your answer is in the post above. Kindly read it again. I'm unable to repeat everything here.

    2. Hi modern my mum stopped paying for her nhif in 2000 kindly how much money am I suppose to pay for penalties to enable her use the card immediately

  80. what if i enrolled and i dont have a job (just finished high school looking for employment and have found a supermarket which is asking for it only i dont know if i dont make it through what will happen )

    1. You can still enroll and start paying 500 shillings a month as an informal member.

  81. hi,it seems my account haven't been updated since october 2013.am only seeing the last contributions that was done by my previous employer but not the current employer .thanks-ID 27464034

  82. Have not selected an hospital of my choice, does that mean that i cannot get NHIF services anywhere in the country?

  83. Hi my wife changed her Id surname after registering her as my dependant, will it be a problem? And so how can she access the services

  84. Anonymous says:

    Hello,can my card be active immediately if I pay the back log?

  85. Anonymous says:

    Hi,am self employed and i do pay my nhif via mpesa,so can i pay in installments as in any amount l.e 250 then later another 250 but before the due date

  86. Anonymous says:

    Hi what happens if i have changed my preffered out patient hospital twice n i want to change it for the third time

  87. Anonymous says:

    I registered with NHIF on May this year and i hear that there is selection of hospitals of which i didn't see on the form should i go back to select?

  88. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I am an informal contributor. Am I eligible to select the facilities of my choice i.e both outpatient and inpatient.

    If yes, how do I do this?

  89. Hello, is there a minimum amount one should pay when registering as a new nhif member?

  90. Anonymous says:

    Great advice here. thanks a lot

  91. Hi, I am a student at a local university and I got an internship at a certain company for 3 months. When I went to register for NHIF, since it was a requirement for the internship to be processed, I was advised by an employee of nhif to select the self-employed section since the employment was only for 3 months. However, I recently checked my status and found out that I still have arrears for the last 3 months yet my employer claims to have submitted my contributions. The question is, Am I still supposed to pay yet my employer submitted the premiums?

  92. I paid an account 500/- twise using nhif member's no. As account no.instead of id no.,the amount has not been reflected in my account what should I do.

  93. Hi, i was under employment and the company was paying my contributions.now that am not employed with them it has not been payed for 6months. i sent a message to 21101 and it says refer to my last employee.i want to do voluntarily personally, how do i go about?

  94. Anonymous says:

    Now, wat is the correct amount for self/voluntary members sapposed to pay, is it 160/- or 500/-? What I understand is that the matter went to court on the issue of rates. Whatcis the position as at now??

  95. Anonymous says:

    Mow how do i get to know for voluntary online or by sms? this appears to be for those employed.

  96. I have texted ID ******* where *** is my I'd no and sent it to 21101 but massege is not sent and I have credit what might the problem be?

  97. Anonymous says:

    Hi,can i pay my monthly contributions yearly?

  98. i paid 1500 nhif thro mpesa on 18th oct 2016,[KJ162RCHQRE]yet the money hasnt been deposited to my acc,coz wen i send the message for confirmation,its just showin g me the previuos one,kindly assist

  99. not paid for past three yrs and i want to resume….will i pay for all those past yrs????

    1. Not necessarily. You can start paying now but you will not be able to use the card for 60days from the time you start paying.

  100. Hi Modern Mom, i lost my card is it possible to get a replacement and for how long do i need to wait. If no then is it possible to use the number without the card?

    1. Yes and yes. Yes you can get a new card; you just go to any branch with 200 shillings and your ID. You get it that same day. And yes you can use your number.

  101. Anonymous says:

    I have been making my NHIF Contributions since December 2012. since then to date i have visited the nearest office where i did my application to collect my NHIF card to no avail. Kindly advise

  102. Hello. Does NHIF have a bank account where l can transfer money other than Mpesa?

  103. Anonymous says:

    Hi modern mom, first I thank you for your kindness in assisting people, kindly let me know the procedures of removing your spouse from being your dependant ( who is no longer your spouse in this case)


  104. Hae modern mom.I had married and covered my wife ,unfortunately we broke up and remarried,can i strike her name off and cover the new wife?Kindly advise

  105. Elizabeth Nduku says:

    How much do I pay as a contributor yearly? outpatient and inpatient

  106. Hello Modern Mom.. if the organization have not paid for its employees NHIF monthly contributions for 2015 -2016 will it be obligated to pay the past months? will it attract any penalties?

  107. hi,just realised that my employer has not paid my Nhif for almost 1 year and he has been deducting it from my pay. what measures can i take?.thnks

  108. Anonymous says:

    Haloo av paid my dec contribution today, now trying to check my contribution status and the message am recieving is (invalid membership card) what could be the problem please?

  109. Hi,If you haven't chosen favourite outpatient hospital.You can not be treated when you fall sick?

  110. I haven't choosen any favourice outpatient hospital.If I get sick, I can't be treated?

  111. i lost my card,how can i kindly get another one.And is there a way one can get it through online applications

  112. Anonymous says:

    how to get lost card online

  113. Hi, if i had not paid my contribution for a whole year and i want to resume without paying the backlog, and also the date is past 9th of this month, will i pay 500 or 750??

  114. Hello there,my last contribution shows 2016_03,my question is how much do I need to pay for me to be able to access the services? And when can I start using the services again?

  115. ALICE MACHERU says:

    you said that if i have been paying my NHIF monthly payment and then skip some months due to financial problems and then want to go on. i read you must pay the principle and wait for 60 days. What if you have been contributing but you have never used NHIF in any hospital will i still be charged that principle?????? or i will just wait for 60 days and then continue please respond because i want to continue to pay as soon as possible.

  116. I am Nhif contributor for 4 months now,My wife is admitted in labour ward and am asked to pay about 8k,they claim i have been a member for few months they cannot accept my card.What should I do in this case

  117. hi i jux want to know how much is my employer paying for me?

    1. Ideal place to check is on your payslip. It's listed under deductions. However, to authenticate that the deductions have been submitted, simplest app that works for me is Jambo Pay. Try it and hope you find it worth.

  118. Anonymous says:

    Hi modern mom my ID no. cannot reflect on the feed back sms no. 21101 am told invalid NHIF card no.what could be the problem yet I registered last year october.

  119. Anonymous says:

    hi, i was sacked 2013 got employed again 2017 ,in had an account with nhif,will i pay the penaties for four years?

  120. Hi,i did my registration on 2014 within nairobi and now am in Bussia but i had never received my card, am i able to pick it at any nearest nhif branch?

  121. My employer who us turbi energy and logistic have not been paying my Nhif from September 2016 what do I do

  122. Hi Modern Mom. Is it possible to register NHIF now and back date payments 500 for 4 months so that my parents can be legible for services immediately.

  123. Anonymous says:

    Can my parents be legible to access NHIF services if I happen to back date payments (500)for 4 months?

  124. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I want to pay through M-pesa. Is NHIF code number same as NHIF account number? Thanks!

  125. hi modern mom,i was employed and now am out of employment.is there a need to change that in my nhif contributions and are there any charges for the change?

  126. av been employed but now am out of employment.Do i continue remitting my nhif contributions via mpesa or do i have to go and change that status in the nhif offices.are there charges for that?

  127. Anonymous says:

    How can I access the list of hospitals that offer nhif services?

  128. Anonymous says:

    How do I access the list of hospitals offering nhif services?

  129. Anonymous says:

    Can NHIF cover my optics issues i.e get new spectacles after what duration does the change of health facility come to effect from the date of change?

  130. Geoffrey Opete says:

    what do you mean by PRINCIPLE AMOUNT?

  131. Hi Mom,
    A Widower,and now with new wife and 2 other children. I'm out of employment almost 3yr ago, are they possible to get coverage on my nhif card… shall I be penalized before I continue paying as personal contributor?

  132. Anonymous says:

    Hi. i would like to add my spouse as a beneficially to my card. Can i do it online

  133. Hi moder mom, ihave sent my id no to 21101 bt the reply reads INVALID NHIF CARD NUMBER. what does it mean???

  134. have sent my id no to 21101 bt its replying that INVALID NHIF CARD NUMBER..what does it mean

  135. Anonymous says:

    Hi,the reply am geting after sending my id number to 21101 say INVALID NHIF NO…what does it mean?

  136. Kindly, how can I know the persons I covered in my NHIF registration details?

  137. Anonymous says:

    I have been out of the country for more than 2 years and stopped contributing. Now that i want to start contributing, will just be contributing my usual ksh500 or all the accumulated two years a crude?

  138. Anonymous says:

    How does it go when you want to change the a person you had already covered and put in a different person


  140. Anonymous says:

    I just left employment and didn't want to stay without NHIF. I have paid full year @500 pm. Do I need to go to nhif office to change member status.

  141. Anonymous says:

    If I pay annual payment of KES 6000. Do I start benefiting from the NHIF cover immediately?

  142. how can i know the amount i contribute per month in my NHIF,or else how to check the amount already contributed??

  143. Anonymous says:

    if i register my wife can she be attended immediately?

  144. Hi, am employed & i'm registered with company but for the last two months it had not paid for me, can i pay via mpesa the same amount the company pays for me?

  145. hi admint how can i change my employer to self employee coz am resighn on work place and went to pay as self employed

  146. what penalty will i receive if i fail to pay my contributions in due time

  147. Anonymous says:

    Pliz check for me the status ID 25220832

  148. Anonymous says:

    How long does it take for a dependant to start using my card once added

  149. Hi how much am i supposed to contribute monthly registered as self employed kindly

  150. Just send my ID no.to 21101 and the reply was "NO CONTRIBUTION DATA AVAILABLE".
    what's happening? Where is my contribution data?

  151. Anonymous says:

    AM Daniel….i have not paid any monthly fee….i opened my NHIF last month and i didnt pay…so I want to pay for the two months now….will be able to access payment

  152. I have send my ID number to 21101 and I got a reply indicating INVALID NHIF CARD NUMBER: what do I do ?

  153. I have send my ID number to 21101 and I got a reply indicating INVALID NHIF CARD NUMBER: what do I do ?

  154. Anonymous says:

    how can I change byproduct password and email?

  155. What happens if I pay my NHIF contributions for one Year? Will it be active immediately?

  156. Hello modern mum,
    I work in Nairobi and my daughter stays in kakamega with my mum so Everytime she gets sick I have to send her my NHIF card and copy of my ID and then afterwards they send it back when I need to use it.Is it possible to have two NHIF cards?

  157. Anonymous says:

    Hi, what is the procedure of removing a spouse who was not legally married to me from my benefit since am now legally married? I want to include my wife in my NHIF benefit

  158. I applied for my nhif in Kisumu back in 2016 and i have not been able to pick it yet. Can i have it transferred to Nairobi and pick it from there?

  159. I applied for the nhif back in 2016 in kisumu but i have not been able to pick it. Can it be transferred to Nairobi i pick itfrom there?

  160. Why do you NHIF can't roll all the NHIF contributors to get all the medication from any hospital,like my case am working and my employer desburse automatically to yours office but since am prone to transfers now and then the hospital I chose its not helping me,like now I have paid kshs 39500 at Kisumu specialist hospital For my wife whom they admitted on tuesday 13thfeb,2018 at around 4pm whom they have discharged today 15thfeb,2018.why all you doing all this to us?

  161. Why do you NHIF can't roll all the NHIF contributors to get all the medication from any hospital,like my case am working and my employer desburse automatically to yours office but since am prone to transfers now and then the hospital I chose its not helping me,like now I have paid kshs 39500 at Kisumu specialist hospital For my wife whom they admitted on tuesday 13thfeb,2018 at around 4pm whom they have discharged today 15thfeb,2018.why all you doing all this to us?

  162. I changed employers but the records still show my old employer, do I have to change that?

  163. Hey, When we Remit NHIF payment by 9th is it for that past month or for the coming month?

  164. Anonymous says:

    i misplace my card 1year ago,what can i do?

  165. Before you ask a question, kindly go through the posts & comments on this chat.
    Regards: Toniah

  166. my employer has been paying for my NHIF, i resigned 3 months ago, can i continue paying with the same card number

  167. We have sell some products of different custom boxes.it is very useful and very low price please visits this site thanks and please share this post with your friends. status

  168. Anonymous says:

    can i use NHIF alone and my chilrent without spouse?

  169. hi,if i have not paid for i year is it posssible i top up and clear all arrears and get services immediately?

  170. I was not able to pay my nhif for a period of 2 years when my job ended will I be able to access my card for use in future

  171. i was employed and my employee used to pay my nhif now that i am not employed what should i do to disconnect it from my employer and pay it by myself through mpesa

  172. how do i start paying my nhif now that i am not employed?

  173. how should i disconnect my nhif from my former employer and start paying through mpesa now that i am not employed

  174. Is there any other way to check if an mpesa payment has reflected in the statement other than sending an SMS to 21102?
    Am asking this because current am not in Kenya and my safaricom can’t send an SMS to 21101.

  175. Samuel m wachira says:

    Hi.I did not give my emproyer my NHIF account number But now i have it.Will the dedacted money be refered to my account wen i submit my acct no to my emproyer?

  176. Daniel Matheka says:

    I’m sending the detail to confirm my status IE my ID to 21101 and the answer Is invalid number.. What else can u do

  177. robert korir says:

    have tried to access my status online but not getting the link what can i do .how can i know my beneficiaries online

  178. How can I tell if my nhif card is active

  179. Paul kioko says:

    Hi I had friend whom we had a baby together and I added them in my nhif card,,,now am married and so is she,,,can I remove her from my nhif cover and how???


    Hi Team kindly update my contribution on this request number 21101 because i sent but its still showing me last month date but have paid up to April this month.Thanks

  181. Hi, I had erroneously paid my mum’s monthly contribution into a different account.How can you assist please?

  182. I found another dependant in my account . Who I don’t know.what happen and who added them please let me know what is happening

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