How to Buy Orange Kenya Unlimited Data Bundles

This post on Buy Orange Kenya Unlimited Data Bundles was Updated on 27th Dec, 2018Orange has since been merged with Telkom Kenya. And the orange XCELL Bundles are no longer limited. This is what you get now…

  • XCELL Daily 400MB for Ksh 50
  • XCELL Weekly 2GB for Ksh 249
  • XCELL Weekly 15GB for Ksh. 990
  • XCELL Monthly 6GB for Ksh 990
  • XCELL Monthly 30GB for Ksh 2,990

If you ask me, the new rates are even better than the unlimited offer they had going on since you do not have to worry about slow data connection as a result of exhausting your allocated bandwidth.

To Buy Orange Kenya Unlimited Data Bundles

Buy Orange Kenya Unlimited Data Bundles
  1. Dial #123#
    to access Orange menu
  2. Reply with 2
    for ‘Internet Bundles’
  3. Reply with 5 for XCELL Offers
  4. Reply with either 1, 2
    or 3 for XCELL daily  at 50 Kshs, XCELL weekly at 249 Kshs or XCELL monthly at 990 Kshs respectively.
  5. Reply with 1
    to subscribe
  6. Reply with 1 to

If you are in the house or can’t find a place to buy orange airtime, you can just buy Orange airtime from your Mpesa account.

Now tether your phone to your laptop and browse away! Lovely day.

27 thoughts on “How to Buy Orange Kenya Unlimited Data Bundles

  1. Thank you so much Orange Kenya for your affordable offers. You keep Kenya updated 24/7 due to your affordable offers.Your the best I knw

  2. Anonymous says:

    Unlimited is no longer available, very cony company

  3. They are not actually the unlimited as they used to

  4. There's nothing as such as 'unlimited', Orange just scrapped the unlimited data bundle policy without prior notice to their customers! Now does the speed carry in the in the new policy when it's no longer unlimited? A communication company with no communication to customers! Bure kaabisaaah!! !

    1. They should have communicated, but I prefer these excel offers to their unlimited bundles

  5. How can you scrap an offer without notify its customers,style up

  6. I was being noticed by the local Orange shop long time before they change they even told me to change the modem I used to use to a new one. They told me that the unlimited data will no longer be there. I think the company noticed that their customers are using more than expected but the xcell offers are still the best

    1. I agree Tusmo. The Xcell offers are even better than their unlimited bundles if you ask me. The speed is constant and I'm yet to exhaust my weekly allocation.

  7. suck it theres no way u can compare the unlimited to the excell….the excel is limited to 400 mb what is 400 mb surely

  8. I have read but I dont get it. Kindly the blog owner may you update this blog!!And tell us if Orange unlimited bundles exist or not. Nb- Make yourself useful. give us all information regarding unlimited orange bundles

  9. Anonymous says:

    you fail to mention the 400mb costs just 50 bob, xcell offers are the cheapest in the market by far.

  10. Am on XCELL Monthly 30GB for Ksh 2,990. It has expired but I don't know how to load the money and reactivate. Help!

  11. Is it possible to extend the validity of a monthly XCELL offer by buying another bundle plan?

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  13. Without unlimited bundles bure kabisaaaah mnafaa kusema daily unlimited ni i pesa weekly monthly ivo ndo kusaidia wananchi anytym u wish to connect pap uko xwa BT nyinyi???

  14. has the word unlimitted changed iys meaning lately, whats with these data offers from kenyan telcom firms. how is data unlimmitted when it go an upper limit? which you cant surpass? Good offers though

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