How to Book the SGR Madaraka Express Via Mpesa

Madaraka express tickets can be obtained in several ways. If you have a phone and a safaricom sim card, the follow the below procedure


Step by Step process of how to book SGR madaraka seat

  1. Dial #639
  2. Select booking option
  3. Select departing station
  4. Select destination station
  5. Select travel date
  6. Select the class of preference – either First class (3500) and Economy class ( Ksh 700)
  7. Enter the number of passenger to book up to a maximum of 5 passengers in one transaction
  8. Indicate the number of children if any. Children under 3 years are not charged; those between 3 and 11 years pay half the ticket fee; and those above 11 years pay the full amount
  9. Enter full names; National ID Card Number or Passport numbers. Indicate ‘Child’for minors.
  10. Select payment option. At this point, you will receive the prompts
  11. Pay now
  12. Pay Later
  13. Exit

A payment confirmation will be sent to you after paying and booking confirmation.

SGR Madaraka Express Train  contacts:

  • Mobil/Telephone contacts: 0728603581, 0728603582, 0708571587, 0708572574
  • Email contact:
  • Official website:
  • Location: Workshop Road Off Hailse Selassie Avenue opposite The Technical University of Kenya.
  • SGR Madarak Express train Destinations, schedules and charges for  Mombasa, Mariakani, Miasenyi, Voi, Mtito Andei, Kibwezi, Emali, Athi River and Nairobi.

How To Book SGR Madaraka Express Train Via Mpesa Paybill Number

  1. Customer calls 0709388888 (from 7 am to 8 pm) and provides his her travel itinerary plus mobile number
  2. Cashier enters, itinerary, customer mobile number and generates amount to be paid by customer
  3. Customer will get a message with paybill number, payment ID and amount
  4. Customer makes payment via M-PESA using payment details
  5. Customer receives ticket details via sms
  6. Customer prints boarding pass at the self-service machine at the train station: You are done.

Madaraka express Train Tickets charges/Fare

  • Economy Class – Ksh 1000
  • First Class – Ksh 3,000.

Pickup point To and From Nairobi/Mombasa after booking Madaraka express
Pick up point at 7am:

  • From Nairobi Central Railway Station on Haile Selassie Avenue to the Nairobi SGR Terminus.
  • From Mombasa Railway Station on Mijikenda Street to the Mombasa SGR Terminus in miritini.

Pick up point at 1.30pm:

  • From the Mombasa SGR Terminus to Mombasa Railway Station in the CBD.
  • From the Nairobi SGR Terminus to Nairobi Central Railway Station.

Madaraka express Train Schedule:
Nairobi – Mombasa: 9:00am Mombasa – Nairobi: 9:00om
NB; Fares might change from time to time.

You can now book Madaraka Expresssraight from your phone. Below are the steps you should take as see on #MadarakaExpress Twitter handle:

  1. Make a call to 0709 388 888 between 7am and 8 pm and give your travel itinerary & phone number
  2. The cashier will key in your travel details and phone number and generate  the total amount you need to pay
  3. You will then receive an sms with Paybill Number, Payment ID and the amount to be paid
  4. Make the payment through Mpesa using the details provided in step 3
  5. You will then receive your ticket details via sms
  6. You will use the details you get in step 5 to print a boarding pass at the self service machine at the train station.



Now go ahead and have a safe journey. 😀

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