Hair Restoration in Kenya

Hair loss can be caused by different factors among them illness, emotional trauma, protein deprivation as well as hormonal changes like those experienced during pregnancy. The biggest cause of hair-loss and baldness is however hereditary and comes with age.

While some cases of mild hair-loss are easily reversible through low hair manipulation and maintaining a healthy diet, for instance, there are severe cases that call for more drastic measures. This is where a hair transplant comes in.

Located in the heart of Parklands at Skymall along Forth Avenue, Tia Clinics is an Aesthetic and Wellness clinic, that specializes in Non-Surgical Facelifts, Hair Transplants, Anti-oxidant Therapy and Pain Management. They are the first in the East African region to introduce non-surgical facelifts and pain management through stem cell therapy. Other aesthetic treatments offered at the clinic are Peels, Botox, Fillers, Medical Facials, Microdermabrasion, Micro-needling among others.

Non-Surgical facelifts are also known as lunch time lifts because they can be done in an hour’s time. They are painless procedures that lift the face and any body part using products called threads that induce collagen in the skin, hence tightening your own skin. This procedure has no down time and there is no scaring at all. The pain is minimal and results are immediate.

Tia Clinics Kenya offers the latest method of hair restoration known as FUE (follicular unit extraction) method. This is a one-day or two-day procedure depending on the requirement of the patient. The treatment has minimal pain and the recovery is within a weeks’ time.

The facility offers Anti-oxidant Therapy, also known as IV therapy. We all know that with our current lifestyle and eating habits we put our body through a lot of oxidated stress. This leads to build up of harmful free radicals in our body/blood which leads to many underlying diseases such as diabetes, fatty liver, blood pressure, irritated skin and Pigmentation. IV therapies are known to boost the immune system immediately. They contain a mixture of important vitamins and minerals that are required in our body. IV Therapy is effective because it is administered directly into our blood stream hence helping absorption of the medicine faster in comparison to oral treatments.

We also tend to put our bodies through a lot of stress/strain, damaging our muscles and ligaments in the process. Our pain management therapy uses the latest technology known as STEM CELL therapy, which is done using one’s own blood, hence reducing any kind of infection. In addition, we use products that contain growth factors boosting the results of the treatment provided. Patients undergoing these treatments have seen tremendous results and it requires as little as 3 sitting, thus avoiding expensive and tedious Surgeries.

For any of the procedures above, call the clinic for a consultation today and enjoy amazing results. You can call them on 0799 995617 or visit their website by clicking the link.

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  1. Hi, I would like to remove the skin pigmentation on my face. I would like to know how much and the approximate price.

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