GOTV Mpesa Paybill | How to Pay GOTV Via Mpesa, Airtel & Equitel etc.

to pay GoTv bill via Mpesa choose ‘Pay Bill’ on Mpesa menu
Key in the GOTV Paybill number for Mpesa which is 423655
Key in your IUC number; this you can get it from the bottom of your decoder on a red sticker.

To renew your GOTV subscription through M-pesa, you just need the Mpesa GOTV Paybill number and IUC No. Here’s how to pay for GOTV via Mpesa, Airtel, USSD and Equitel. Other methods include Diamond Trust, Faulu, Jamii Bora, I&M, Prime, Rafiki, CBA, Nic and Guaranty Banks.

Gotv Paybill NumberWith GOTV Paybill, you will never miss your favorite channels.You can now easily renew your subscription from the comfort of your house. In this post you’ll learn how to pay gotv via mpesa, Airtel and Equitel. All you need is the GOTV Paybill Number and your IUC Number.

GOTV was Multichoice’s way of bringing you world-class content to your screen without the dish and all that hassle. All you need is a gotv decoder and aerial and you are good to go.

And with their incredible packages like GOTV Plus and GOTV Max, you get supersport channels, CBS Reality, Sony, Movies among others.

We have also covered the different GOTV packages, their pricing and the channels each one comes with at the bottom of this post. Let’s now dive right in and see how you pay for your GOTV subscription.

How to pay GoTv bill via Mpesa | Mpesa GOTV Paybill Number

  1.  Go to Mpesa menu and choose ‘Pay Bill’
  2. Key in the GOTV Paybill number for Mpesa which is 423655
  3. Key in your IUC number; this you can get it from the bottom of your decoder on a red sticker.
  4. Key in the correct amount for the package you wish to pay for. You can find the different packages available to you here and the GO TV Channels they offer.
  5. Key in your M-Pesa PIN
  6. Check again to ensure that you have input the correct information
  7. Wait for a confirmation message

Watch the step by step below

How to pay GoTv bill via Airtel Money | Airtel GOTV Paybill Number

  1. Go to Airtel Money on your menu.
  2. Choose Paybill
  3. Select DSTV.
  4. Enter the amount you’d like to pay. Refer below to see pricing for different packages.
  5. Enter your Airtel Money PIN.
  6. Select Make Payments.
  7. Under reference, enter your GoTv IUC number.

How to pay GoTv bill via Equitel

  1.  On your Equitel Menu, select ‘My Money’
  2. Choose ‘Send/Pay’
  3. Select the Account you’d like to use to pay for GOTV
  4. Select ‘ GOTV Paybill’
  5. Tap on ‘Select business’
  6. Choose ‘DSTV GOTV’
  7. Enter your Account number
  8. Type in the amount you’d like to pay
  9. Enter your equitel pin and then send.

How to Pay for GOTV Through KCB Mobile Banking

Via KCB MObi

  1. Dial *522#
  2. Enter KCB Mobile Banking PIN
  3. Select ‘Bill Payment’
  4. Select ‘Pay Bill’
  5. Choose ‘GOTV paybill’
  6. Select ‘Savings’
  7. Enter your GOTV IUC Number
  8. Enter the correct amount for the package you wish to pay for
  9. Congratulations. You just renewed your GOTV subscription

Via KCB App

  1. Go to Transact> Pay Bill> Other Billers
  2. Choose GOTV Paybill
  3. Enter Account number
  4. Type in amount to  pay and submit

You can also pay for your GOTV subscription at any KCB Agent

How to Pay for GOTV Through Diamond Trust, Faulu, Jamii Bora, I&M, Prime, Rafiki, Nic and Guaranty Banks

To pay for your GOtv subscription through your bank (if it is one of the ones listed above) log onto your mobile banking application and follow these easy steps:

  1. Login onto Mobile banking
  2. Choose Pay Utilities
  3. Select GOtv
  4. Type in your IUC number
  5. Key in the amount you want to pay
  6. Choose the account you’d like to pay from
  7. Type the PIN to the bank account selected
  8. Click on Pay to process the payment

How to Make GOTV Payment via CBA Bank

Using Short Code SMS:

  1. Dial *654#
  2. Enter your pin on the screen prompt
  3. Key in option 9 for bill payment
  4. Enter option 2 for GOTv bill payment
  5. Select the account to pay from
  6. Enter the GOtv IUC number
  7. Type in the amount you would wish to pay
  8. Enter your PIN and submit. You should get an SMS confirming success of your transaction


Using CBA Mobile App:

For this method, you don’t need gotv paybill. Simply follow these steps

  1. Log in using phone number and PIN.
  2. Select “transact” from the Menu
  3. Choose “Pay Bills”
  4. Select account to pay from
  5. Choose Select GOTV
  6. Enter IUC number & amount
  7. Enter the one-time-password sent to your phone to authorize

USSD GOTV Payment | How to Pay for GOTV via USSD

You do not need a GOTV paybill for this payment method. To pay for your GOTV subscription via USSD payment option, simply follow these simple steps:

  • Dial the USSD code for your country
  • Select GOTV and then press ‘Send’
  • Enter your decoder IUC Number and then press ‘Send’
  • Select ‘Direct Payment’
  • Select the Country Payment Option of your choice
  • Enter your Wallet ID
  • Enter your Wallet PIN
  • The next screen will show your current balance. Enter the amount you wish to pay
  • The next screen shows you the amount you entered. Enter 1 to confirm
  • You will receive a notification for your payment

GOTV Packages | GOTV Lite, GOTV Value, GOTV Plus, GOTV MAX


DSTV offers 4 affordable GOTV packages. We are going to explore the 4 GO TV packages in this article so as to help you make a decision on which subscription works best for you. GOTV Lite, GOTV Value, GOTV us and GOTV MAX.

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This GOTV package sets you back 220 shillings a month and you get to enjoy 17 channels among them the free to air local channels.

GOTV Value

The monthly subscription fee for the GOTV Value package is 470 Kenyan Shillings. You get access to 28 channels among them E! Entertainment, Nickelodeon and Africa Magic channels


This GOTV package is renewed for 699 Kenyan shillings a month. You will access 42 channels among them Nat Geo, Telemondo, Fox Life and M-Net Movies Zone.


For 1,299 shillings, you can now enjoy the GOTV MAX Package. Among the added channels are Super Sport Select 4, Fox Entertainment, Sony MAX and CBS Reality


GOTV Wow is Multichoice’s way of rewarding their most loyal customers. To qualify for this package, you have to pay in time and stay connected for 3 consecutive months. You get to enjoy additional channels among them sports channels and Viasat Life.

GOTV Packages Rates

In case you are wondering how much to pay, below are the latest rates

GOTV Max Ksh. 1,299
GOTV Plus Ksh. 699
GOTV Value Ksh. 650
GOTV Lite Ksh. 160


And that is basically it. You now know how to pay gotv via mpesa. Keeping the decoder on while you pay helps it to reset itself automatically. If after payment the picture is still not showing( or if having problems with how to pay gotv via mpesa) you can contact GOTV via twitter. They will be able to reset it for you in minutes.

GOtv MAX Package

GOtv has unvealed a new package going by the name GOtv MAX. This brings the number of GOtv Packages available to 4.

The most basic package is the GOTV Lite. The package comes with 17 channels and costs 220 shillings a month. GOTV vlaue will set you back 470 bob a month and comes with 28 channels while the GOtv Plus costs you 699 shillings monthly and comes with 42 channels.

Ladies and gentlemen…boys and girls…GOtv proudly brings you the best entertainment this side of Africa! Say hello to #GOtvMax!!! #MaxUp

— GOtvKenya (@GOtvKenya) September 26, 2017

GOtv MAX has added a number of channels for your family’s entertainment among them La Liga on SS Select 4, Fox Entertainment, Sony MAX, Fox and CBS Reality. The package will cost 1,299 shillings each month.

GOtv Plus customers will have a taste of the #GOtvMax package from 1st – 31st Oct 2017.

GOTV Channels 2020 | GOTV Lite, GOTV Value, GOTV PLus, GOTV Wow

There are three packages offered by GOTV. Below we are going to break down the packages, the payments as well as the GOTV Channels available in each package. But first, it is important to note that GoTV have an offer. Once you get the decoder, you get to enjoy the GOTV Plus subscription for the first two months. After this you have the choice of paying for any of the three plans listed below.

1. GoTv Lite Channels

This is the cheapest option of the three. After the free two months, you will just pay 2,200 Kenyan shillings every year. For this package, here are the GO TV channels that you get to enjoy:

  1. Al Jaazera
  2. Citizen TV
  3. e.TV Africa
  4. Emmanuel TV
  5. Faith Broadcast Network
  6. Inooro TV
  7. Islam Channel
  8. KTN
  9. KBC TV
  10. K24
  11. KTN News
  12. NTV
  13. KBCTV
  14. SuperSport Blitz
  15. JimJam

2. GOTV Value Package Channels

For a recurring monthly fee of 650 kenyan shillings, you get to enjoy 22 GO TV channels listed below. Africa Magic Swahili

  1. Africa Magic Epic
  2. Al Jaazera
  3. Citizen TV
  4. e.TV Africa
  5. Emmanuel TV
  6. Fashion One
  7. Faith Broadcast Network
  8. Inooro TV
  9. Islam Channel
  10. K24
  11. KBC TV
  12. KTN
  13. KTN News
  14. NTV
  15. Classic FM
  16. KBCTV
  17. SuperSport Blitz
  18. SuperSport Select 1
  19. Disney Junior
  20. JimJam
  21. Nickelodeon

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3. GoTv Plus Package Channels

This is the most expensive package. The monthly payments are 920 and you get 39 GO TV Channels. Below is the list.

  1. Africa Magic Epic
  2. Africa Magic Family
  3. Al Jaazera
  4. BBC World News
  5. CNN International
  6. Citizen TV
  7. Discovery Family
  8. E! Entertainment Television
  9. e.TV Africa
  10. Emmanuel TV
  11. Fashion One
  12. Faith Broadcast Network
  13. Fox Life
  14. Inooro TV
  15. Iroko Music
  16. Iroko Plus
  17. Islam Channel
  18. K24
  19. KBC TV
  20. KTN
  21. KTN News
  22. NTV
  23. Telemundo
  24. KBCTV
  25. SuperSport Blitz
  26. SS Select 1
  27. SuperSport Select 2
  28. SuperSport Select 3
  29. Disney Junior
  30. JimJam
  31. Nickelodeon
  32. Nat Geo Wild
  33. MTV Base
  34. MNet Movies Zone
  35. Eva
  36. B4U Movies
  37. Zee World
  38. Maisha Magic Family
  39. Maisha Magic East

4. GoTv Max Package

This is the most expensive package. The monthly payments are 1299 and you get 43 GO TV Channels. Below is the list.

  1. Africa Magic Epic
  2. Africa Magic Family
  3. Al Jaazera
  4. BBC World News
  5. CNN International
  6. Citizen TV
  7. CBS Reality
  8. Discovery Family
  9. E! Entertainment Television
  10. e.TV Africa
  11. Emmanuel TV
  12. Fashion One
  13. Faith Broadcast Network
  14. Fox
  15. Fox Life
  16. Inooro TV
  17. Iroko Music
  18. Iroko Plus
  19. Islam Channel
  20. K24
  21. KBC TV
  22. KTN
  23. KTN News
  24. NTV
  25. Telemundo
  26. KBCTV
  27. SuperSport Blitz
  28. SuperSport Select 1
  29. SS Select 2
  30. SuperSport Select 3
  31. SuperSport Select 4
  32. Sony Max
  33. Disney Junior
  34. JimJam
  35. Nickelodeon
  36. Nat Geo Wild
  37. MTV Base
  38. MNet Movies Zone
  39. Eva
  40. B4U Movies
  41. Zee World
  42. Maisha Magic Family
  43. Maisha Magic East

There are various methods of paying for your GOTV. I find the easiest one to be of course Mpesa. Here is an article that will show you how to pay GOTV via Mpesa.

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GOTV Replaces Sony Max with BET

Gotv have replaced Sony Max with BET. The Channel is not new on GOTV and was a favourite to many together with SET and Sony Max.  They were removed a few years back with the Sony Max channel making a comeback when the GOTV Max package was made available.

You can now enjoy BET on channel 21 if you are a GOTV Max subscriber.

Remember to pay for your GOTV Plus subscription in time using GOTV Paybill or any other methods listed above to get a week of free GOTV Max viewing from 19th to 26th of this month. Visit this post to see how you can pay for GOTV from the comfort of your own home.

If for some reason you encounter a problem and need to contact GOTV customer care, follow the link.



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    I really love trace tv both Urban and Africa…r u guyz considering adding it to the channels?

  3. Thank you so much for stopping by. Unfortunately, we are not able to tell which channels will be added and which ones will not. You can contact GOTV for that query by following the link in the post's last paragraph.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hey you?? I've paid and tried to activate it but still not working… What should I do

    1. If you still have the e16 error, kindly dial *423# and follow instruction.
      See other options in this post on How to activate GOTV after payment.

  5. Anonymous says:

    its over half a year since i subscribed for my gotv,i wish to resume my viewership and subscription tomorrow,will i hav problems with activation? or back on air?

    1. That should not be an issue. Just ensure that the decoder is turned on when you make the payment. If you encounter any problem, just contact GOTV using one of the contacts listed and they should be able to sort you out.

    2. i have paid cash to IUC NO,…2017518055 AND the GOTV is not active,..please assit

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    I paid kshs850 to an incorrect IUC 2118616466 instend of 2018616466

    1. Follow the contact GOTV link provided in the post and use the most convenient method for you to report this. GOTV will transfer the payment to the right account or advise you on the way forward. Don't worry though, I am pretty sure you'll be sorted.

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    after paying through mpesa, there is a message still saying my subscription is expired

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  10. Code error E16 n following prompt steps on to get to the last step and get an error prompt again.
    been doing this for the last one hour.kindly assist

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    hi, can l pay for my next month's subscription before this month's subscription expires?

  12. hello, my digital box is showing error – that is it is showing read and green, what could be the problem

  13. hi are we to pay 1200/= or 2600 for local channels. then can i still pay 600 or 850 during any time am not broke to enjoy other channels?

    1. Yes. ut the rates are not as you have listed. GOTV Lite is 2,200/year, GOTV Value is 650 and GOTV plus is 920 bob a month.But yes, you can change your subscription package at any time.

  14. hi whats wrong with you coz i paid 950/= and up to now my gotv is still no showing my iuc no.2002949256

  15. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I bought GOTV 2 months ago (IUC 2017417970) of which I viewed the channels for free for 1 month instead of the published 2 months. After disconnection, yesterday I paid Ksh. 2600 for one off payment for local channels (Local Channels Package). It then indicated E16 on the TV screen which got cleared from *423# instructions. Today upon switching on my TV, I became shocked to learn that ALL CHANNELS ARE LOST! Kindly advise on why GOTV has made me suffer despite making my payments.

  16. Anonymous says:

    want to renew my subscription two months via mpesa hw can i do it

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    I need to change my gotv plus to gotv value…how do I do it…haven't found any help online…and am not in twitter please in dealers here

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      How much will mpesa charge me when paying for my zuku tv

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    last weekend i was waiting to watch a big much on my Gotv decoder but you instead showed only africa match. is thea a package where you there is only english football show coz you are boring me with this African games or you loose me. i though you are better but know i am doubting how better are you Gotv

    1. 🙂 I feel your pain. Kindly contact GOTV to see what they have to say.

  22. Could IUC No 201938505 be a correct number for a GOtv decorder,i need to pay for someone in Kenya but am not in the country currently. Regards

  23. David Maganya says:

    I am trying to make payment to my account 4624033489 via MPESA and it keeps on telling me that the Account No format you have input is incorrect/ the format of the bill reference number is does not match the format required for bills. I used it last time and just wondering if there are new changes. Please advise.

    1. Sorry for the late reply. Kindly let me know if you are still having the same problem so I can follow up.

  24. Hello, how can i change subscription and upgrade. The steps please

  25. Anonymous says:

    I followed all the steps in paying for my GOTV, bt m told incorrect. Why?

  26. Hi i haven,t used my decoder for two months due to electricity problem will i pay for that months?

  27. Anonymous says:

    i paid 850 on 7th march 2016 for my Gotv to be upgraded to GOTV plus Kindly upgrade. my IUC no.2015935070

  28. just paid my gotv with the wrong iuc number. how can i get a reversal to my mpesa

    1. Just comment here with the number you used to make the payment, ref number, amount, account you paid to and your correct account number.

  29. Anonymous says:

    please activate my account no: 2016927880. i have already paid 850/-. this process of dialing *423# is expensive and not customer oriented.

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  31. Havejust bought your decoder and imbtrying to pay and mpesa says i cant pay 850. Local channels are all deactivated what im i supposed to do?

  32. Anonymous says:

    Have made a payment of 550 but e16 is still there what I my supposed to do view the picture.again last month I paid 850 b4 end of promotion so that I can be given one month free but to my surprise that was not so.

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  36. I am trying to make payment through m-pesa but it keeps rejecting my IUC NO. What could be the problem

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  38. Go tv to hell. I have paid ksh849 for account 4622318696 and nothing is happnening after clearing e16 error. What is happening?

    1. Evans, GOTV Plus is now 920 shillings a month. Top up the balance and ensure the decoder is on while making the payment for an automatic reset.

  39. Please Mom, downgrade my decoder, I paid 650 and my decoder is not active. My ICU is 2016937352. Please downgrade to 650 because I have already made the payment, thanks.

  40. Hallo Gotv,

    Supposing I want a yearly subscription and still want the Gotv Plus, to avoid disconnection just incase i dont pay Gotv plus monthly subscription on time

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    have paid 900 how many channels will i get. pls activate now. 2016849592

  42. How long does it take you guys to acknowledge payment through mpesa. Your customer care number is never going through.

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  44. Hi please activate iuc no.2018855902,am lost with the instructions,have already paid 840 bob

  45. Hi wanted to change my package to the 840 annual from the 920 monthly but on scrolling through my account on easy pay online,I can see I'm subscribed to the 2 packages .Pliz help coz whenever I pay for the 840 annual package the money loads to the other package of 920monthly.Pliz change my package to 840 annual.

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    I had paid for gotv plus yesterday but docorder activated with gotv lite.Pls can I get assistance iuc no.2017806774

  47. Hi yesterday I paid 160 is their anay packages for this monay iuc no4623653778

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    I made payment yesterday on 7/2/17 for gotv plus at 5 pm until now i cant view why does this have to difficult once you pay you have to follow up for you to activate

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    Icu no 4622698019

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    I have paid 690/= to the IUC no. 201736696 yet it still reads expired.

  62. Anonymous says:

    I have been out of country almost two years n my Decorder was not on use now advise me where to start I want my subscriptions back n pay as usual

    1. Just pay using one of the methods outlined above and you are free to go. If you encounter any issue, you can always contact GOTV Customer Care.

  63. When I pay less than what am suppose to pay on a package is it possible for me to get some channels?

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    Hi. I have my got very subscription for goTV max I have made payments of 470 hoping to get the activation for the gotv value how do I downgrade and I've already made payments

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  69. Paid gotv lite to a wrong iuc number 2016123768 instead of 2016123763 please help

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    i paid sh.499 one hour ago but its still scrambled, it indicates that it has been suspended. please! help the iuc no: 2022094450

  72. Greater degrees of playing will likely cause you to feel that you’ll want a good rakeback offer as swiftly
    as you can.

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