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27 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. hallo. my name is Lucy. the reason I am posting is because I would like to inquire about advertising. I have a mini and I was wondering if you would be interested in advertising using it. for more information, my contact is +254702388695 and you can reach me via e-mail
    thank you in advance and your consideration and feedback will be highly appreciated.

  2. justus oningo says:

    am suspecting my neighbor to be using my power line,i do get abdominal bills and i only run cyber business with 7 computers and neighbor runs welding business but i pay more than he do.i went Busia kplc to request if they can do inspection for wiring but they told me that is not they work i just paid bills full stop,i was offered with anawer they gave i just keep on paying or is possible for kplc to confirm if someone is using my lines.0720824159

  3. Gotv your just stilling from people you tolled as that when we pay 1800 a can be able to watch free chanels now after I paid in three month you have switched me to 850 monthly paiment chanels I am not going to pay but to throw away that box and buy another of our locale TV

    1. Hey there,

      First, Modern Mom is just a mom blogger. I am not GOTV neither am I affiliated with them in any way. I just aim to give helpful information whenever I can.

      Now to your issue, my guess is that you paid and forgot to inform GOTV to downgrade your subscription from GOTV Plus to GOTV Lite. You do this by dialing *423# or by calling 0711 066 000 and following the prompts.

      Failing to do this meant that you still had access to GOTV Plus which costs 849 Kenyan shillings a month.

    2. kenn Opot says:

      Hey sir.with that cute suite attire ,you are proudly breaking English spellings,etc like that. really?.that church post should be taken away from you in the first place even if you are the brother to pastor's wife.

  4. Helo am daniel i subscribed yesterday and paid for the services and yet my decorder is off??whats wrong?iuc number is 2016993908

  5. What do you mean by Off. Was it not able to find channels or are you having the E-16 error? Can you access the channel 1- GOTV Channel?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Can i use my passport number for driving license renewal.

    1. Unfortunately, to renew you need to sign up in E-Citizen portal which requires you to use your National ID.

  7. Hello excuse me there is a problem somewhere people are using my number to ask for easy coach services is there no number for easy coach offices

    1. What is your number. If it has been wrongly listed on this site as an Easy Coach contact I'll delete it and give you my apologies. Kindly get back to me.

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. Why does your website have these funny colour in the background? It makes it hard to read the articles and where can one find eggs for the different types of turkey breeds or varieties

    1. Tony, we'll rectify the background. Thank you for the feedback.

  10. I would like to get recommendation for this disease yellowish discharge from the penis,not semen and not also urine,pains when I urinate,might be gohnoria,advise on medication please!! Urgetly

  11. Greetings,

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  12. Good evening ,my name is jesse,a gotv user.i paid for 849/ on saturday i had travelled out of kenya for 3months .now am having errors i tried resetting but no good at all . i tried calling the dormant numbers no one picks .am wondering is this the way to deal with clients? furthermore the lines deducts money when not being helped at ICU 5622554076 i have tried all resetting and *423# but its gives me errors.inactive .when i activate it tells me the icu is already activated .so who is to help when the phone numbers are programmed and no live agents on landline?so disappointed in other words coz even small companies has live agents why not gotv .?

    1. That's probably because GOTV rates have increased to 920 bob a month. Top up the balance and ensure that your decoder is on while you do it for automatic reconnection.

  13. My icu no.2019058479 tell me what the problem i have paid 700 but no any channel showing

  14. Hi,
    I shifted my go tv decoder to different location, paid for it couple of hours ago, tried the "contacts provided" on resetting but it is not working..kindly assist. icu no is 2018785618..thanks

  15. Anonymous says:

    My DsTv went dead after midnight. Couldn't talk to anyone coz after midnight. Calling now 8:45am. Both custom care lines are DEAD. What's going on?

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