Applying for Birth Certificate in Kenya| How to Apply for Birth Certificate

I just collected my lastborn’s birth certificate and obtaining it was surprisingly easier that I had anticipated. In this post you will learn how to apply for a birth certificate in Kenya.

Applying for Birth Certificate in Kenya

What You’ll Need:

  • The original and a copy of the birth notification – This is the pink slip that you get from the hospital where the child was delivered.
  • A copy of the father’s ID
  • A copy of the Mothers ID

Procedure of Applying for a Birth Certificate in Kenya

  1. Visit your district registrar of births and deaths’ Office and you’ll be given a form to fill. You can use the names in the birth notification or you can choose a different name for your child. Changing the name will cost you a few extra shillings.
  2. Attach this form with the copies of the IDs and the birth notifications.
  3. The information you’ve given is then verified and you are sent to the cash register to make the payment
  4. You only pay 50 shillings to apply for a certificate without amendment. You pay 90 if the name of the parent needs to be corrected, 130 if you need to correct both the names of the parent and the name of the child. Re-registration will cost you 90 shillings, and if you are registering late (later than 9 months after birth) you only pay 150 shillings.
  5. You’ll be given a receipt which you’ll use to collect the birth certificate.

How long does it take to get a birth Certificate in Kenya?

I was instructed to collect mine after 2 weeks, which I did.

Applying for a Birth Certificate in Kenya without Birth Notification

If you do not have a birth notification (In cases where the child is born at home or late registration) you need to start the process at the local sub-chief’s office. He will provide you with the necessary documentation.

If you’re in Nairobi…

If you are in Nairobi, the national government immigration and registration of person’s offices are located in Upper Hill Bishop Road. Get number 7C buses at KenCom and alight at community. The offices are just opposite NSSF building.

You can also apply for a good conduct certificate as easily as you apply for a birth certificate.

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  1. Thank you for this information. I'm planning to apply for my child's birth certificate and this comes in very handy

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you. One question though, some forums say even one parent's copy of ID is required. Kindly confirm.

  3. Thanks for this important information. Many people are conning parents claiming that they can help them get birth certificate.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Kudos. This is very helpful

  5. Anonymous says:

    Today I was there for my daughter's birthday certificate but was not easy with everyone.
    I was at upper hill Nairobi office. Everyone cried fowl to an extend early afternoon people were told to go and come back on Monday. U thought it's an easy process there but not from the point of look.
    If someone here has influenced in that office, please do something because All I saw there was an local mwananchi suffering unexpected delay. Please without struggle and cursing let's enjoy the services we pay tax for…..

  6. Anonymous says:

    I lost the waiting receipt what should I do?

  7. Anonymous says:

    What about a person over 35years plz

  8. Anonymous says:

    Thank you very much for the info. AM going to apply for my kid's cert today

  9. Anonymous says:


    Pst. Lugongo,
    -Bible Baptist Church Ruaka

  10. This article is all lies. One must give bribe in the public hospitals/ dispensary especially Pumwani and Baba Dogo to get notification.

  11. how does one get the Notification slip to be able to start the process for adult birth certificate?

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