A Lesson we can all Learn from this Matatu Driver

Just came across this inspirational post by Wafula Nangacho and I just had to share with you.

Read to the end and think about it for a minute.

as I was headed home from town, I had an exclusive chat with the Matatu
Driver. He has been behind the wheels of the 33 seater matatu plying the
Nairobi-kahawa sukari route for 3 years now.

Ogero, the 30 year
old hails from Nyamira county and ventured into the makanga hustle in
2014 after losing a job at the Nation media Group where he was a
driver. He was earning 20k and living in Mathare Slum.

He worked
as a makanga for a year before taking over the driver’s role after his
then driver switched the operation to his own 14-seater matatu which he
had acquired through his 5 year savings.

Its the surprise and
shock that a driver could save for only 5 years to purchase his own
second hand matatu that pushed me deeper into the talk.

Since you were not there as i engaged ogero, lemme break down the modus operandi of the Matatu business.

Averagely, for the matatu plying this route whereby he told me the
situation doesn’t hold much difference from the other routes around
Nairobi. He makes 9 trips a day, making a minimum of Ksh 1600 per trip
(The minimum charges being ksh 30 and maximum ksh 70. On average being
ksh 50 per passenger per trip)

The owner of the vehicle takes ksh
4500 daily. The Matatu will consume a maximum fuel of ksh 5000 a day. The
Sacco takes ksh 400 plus the ksh 200 parking fee.

His total deductions stands approximately at 10k. Having made ksh 15k, he remains with 5k as the floating profit.

After paying his makanga, he remains with not less than 3k at the end of a good day.
Fortunately, Ogero doesn’t subscribe to the middle class ‘opulence’
chimera. He has rented a 1 bedroom apartment in Mwihoko where he pays 8k
per month. He lives here with his wife and the 5 year old daughter.

Having saved for the first 2 years, he opened up a small fast foods
restaurant next to Kahawa Sukari Mall and bestowed its operation unto
his wife.

Maybe due to the nature of his profession and the
circle of friends intertwined around him, he doesn’t splash his cash at
Jikoni’s or Kiza lounge every weekend. He has no slay queen who will
demand pizza and uber rides almost 3 times a week. He doesn’t spend tens
of thousands on rent rates because he’s comfortable in Mwihoko. He
doesn’t have the trendy clique to floss with latest outfits and iphones
to cope up with them. He doesn’t have an Instagram account to always
visit CJ’s Restaurant so as to ‘threaten’ his followers with selfies. He
has no time to waste chasing politicians for favours.

sending some 10k to his mother in nyamira and paying school fees for his
siblings, Ogero can comfortably save upto Ksh 60K cumulatively from his
matatu and small restaurant businesses. How much is that in a smooth
running year? What of 2 years? 4 years?

He tipped off of opening a serious big restaurant at Roysambu in 1 year time if all goes well. I wished him well.

As I was alighting at Engen, I felt challenged and small’

After my supper – I’m too poor to take dinner, something crossed my
mind.That of a 28 year old bright university first class holders who is
probably working at a blue-chip bank or a top-level re-known law firm
around. He takes home a net salary of 80k.

Since he has some
‘status’ in the society, he lives at Genesis Apartments, Roysambu paying
ksh 22k for a 1 bedroom. He has a USIU slayqueen who blows out 10k single
handedly either directly or indirectly. He must buy another new suit at
7k. His generic fake Patek Phillipe wrist watch got spoiled during a
brawl with the slayqueen a fortnight ago, he replaces it at 5k. He settles
last months debts from friends, mama mboga using 10k. His mother needs
10k to buy fertilizer, he sends ksh 3,500. He doesn’t pick calls from his
sister studying at Moi university.

Since Nangacho secured a liason job
at the Parliamentary Service Commission and is driving a Toyota Crown
Athlete, the boychild secured a loan and acquired a mark X. He was not
only deducted 35k to service the loan but also spends at least 25k in
fuel, parking fees, service and maintenance

The poor young man
didn’t know the Athlete Nangacho drives belongs to his boss or rather he
has a boutique in moi avenue that services most of his expenditures. He
didn’t know nangacho is a member of three chamas. He’s not aware I live
in a 1 bedroom in Rongai paying 10k. What am the only child in a family
that resides in Washington and gets monthly stipend from parents. He
just wants to beat Nangacho on the status.

On 8th, the young man is
back to Mshwari, branch loans to push through the month. By 16th, he’s
back to the squad borrowing, before applying for advance on 22nd. He has
no single investment. He isn’t planning for any. No savings. No chama. He’s
not supporting his mother back home. Doesn’t bankroll his siblings’

Remember he’ll pay for the Mark X for 4 years, till
then, the car will be too old and poorly maintained with no resale
value. He then dumps it to acquire another one to pay the next 4 years
again. That’s 8 years in total waste. The slay queen will have dumped him
for a broker at Garden Estate. Nothing explains why an educated man will
be still single or childless at 32 years than this.

Assuming all factors remain constant, where will Ogero be in 8 years?

In our lives, we all have the Ogeros, be it in class, office or even our
apartments, those individuals who don’t put on overrated expensive
outfits, those who’ve been using a tecno phantom Z for 4 years now, they
just drive a KAX nissan sunny, live in their own House in Juja, but they
can comfortably lend you a soft loan of 25k anytime any day you request.

Young men, especially us, the millenials we need to have right priorities
and wise choices in these streets. Don’t be hoodwinked into buying an
iphone 8 plus because your friend got an iphone 8-just to beat him. Don’t
relocate to Willmary estate just because most of your friends live
around Garden Estate whilst your financial muscles are too feeble for
that. Don’t get a loan to take your girlfriend to Zanzibar because her EX
used to take her to Mara.Why Spend Ksh 1.5M to purchase a Subaru which
isn’t a necessity to you while you can acquire two toyota Beltas using
the same amount and register them with taxify and start earning to buy
the Subaru in a year’s time? Don’t be afraid of failure. Start that
Kiosk, let it fail, learn. Start a grocery, let it stagger, improve, invest in
forex, do farming, commercialize your abilities and talent. You’ll finally


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