7 Tips for Keeping Your Heater Clean

A room heater is the most reliable way to warm up the particular areas of your house or condo you use the most without wasting a lot of energy trying to heat the entire property. Considered to be one of the most practical appliances, a room heater is perfect if you are looking for an additional source of heat for a room or if you want to warm up extra chilly space.

Heating units require regular and thorough attention to ensure that they are working effectively all year round. Here are some ways to ensure that your heater is properly maintained:

  1. Clean the room heater regularly.

The filter in your heater does an important job of delivering warm air throughout the rooms in your home. The filter will remove all kinds of particulates, including dust, pollen, bacteria, pet dander, spores, and more. Regular use causes these particulates to build up inside heaters. Such build-up is not only unsightly, but it can also cause reduced heating performance, emit odours and even lead to fires.

  1. Always UNPLUG the space heater before you begin the cleaning process for safety purposes.
  2. Some practical tips
  • Once a week, clean the surface of the heater by dusting with a clean microfiber duster.
  • Wipe down the entire surface of the heater with a damp sponge
  • Never pour the cleaning liquid (use dishwashing liquid) directly onto the casing.
  • Take a kitchen spatula, wrap a paper towel around the broadest end and secure the towel using a rubber band. Now you can slide the covered spatula against each tube in your space heater using an up and down or side to side movement.
  • Get rid of the surface dirt as much as possible using a hand vacuum or your vacuum cleaners brush attachment.
  1. Replace your HVAC filters.

Even with a good filter, dust can still accumulate on the blower fan and around the furnace, so it is a good idea to replace its HVAC filters depending on how often you run your HVAC system and whether you have pets or allergies.

  1. Service your space heater once in a year.

If your space heater uses fuel, then regular servicing is a must. The manufacturer/after-sales technician should be able to recommend service outlets. Ramtons room heaters come with a one-year warranty and easily accessible service centres country-wide.

  1. Keep the area around your system clear.

Keep the area around your room heater clear so that you and your service technician can easily access it during any maintenance or repairs.

  1. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

This may seem obvious, but more people than you think never bother to read the instructions that come with their home appliances such as a quartz heater. Most space heaters have special filters that you need to remove from the housing. These require special instructions from the manual that comes with the package that has to be followed.


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