6 Benefits of a Hot & Cold Water Dispenser

A healthier alternative to tap water, dispensers offer safe, clean and purified drinking water
with a preference of either hot, moderate or cold tab options. Water dispensers play a vital
role in restaurants, workplaces, hospitals and public places for storing clean drinking water.
If you have never considered purchasing a hot water dispenser in your office or home
before, you will be surprised by how much convenience they can bring – not to mention how
easy it can be to set up.

  • Better for your health

The filtration and purification process of a water dispenser reduces lots of the chlorine,
bacteria and other contaminants that sneak in to your tap water. These can cause serious
infections, especially on little ones who have a weaker immune system. Water dispensers
ensures that water is healthier to consume. Receive crisp, clean and fresh water that is free
of chemicals with improved taste and quality.

  • Ease of use

Ramtons offers the perfect temperature for making tea and coffee. So, say goodbye to burnt
beans or waiting for your kettle to boil. Get instant hot water at the touch of a button for your
caffeine or tea. This is very handy indeed for boiling that pasta or potatoes in super quick
time. A hot water dispenser needs you to just push the lever or turn the tap to get hot or
near-boiling water, making it that much simpler and easier to do numerous household tasks.

  • More space in your fridge

If you are looking for ice-cold, refreshing water without having to stock your fridge full of
bottles, a water dispenser will do the trick. Dispensers will keep your water just below room
temperature – perfect for drinking throughout the day.

  • Space saving alternative

Sometimes, benchtop water dispensers are too cumbersome. With a standing water
dispenser, you have a compact alternative which can fit in any space. Your cooler is perfect
for the kitchen corner, an office waiting room or anywhere else where you want easy access
to water.

  • Easy maintenance

You just have to clean the unit once a month or so, which means minimal upkeep on your
end to ensure that the unit is working correctly. All Ramtons units also come with one-year
warranties in case something was to happen shortly after you purchase the unit. It is a totally
maintenance free way of drinking water without having to handle anything on your own.

  • Energy saving

Environmentally and financially, hot water dispensers are actually eco-friendlier than kettles.
Freestanding dispensers use an energy-efficient electric coil to heat water before storing it in
an insulated reservoir that keeps it hot and ready to go. On the other hand, every single time
you boil the kettle, you will be using electricity or gas. If you tend to fill the kettle to the top
even when you only need one cup, you’ll be re-boiling water again and again, wasting

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