Nairobi Matatu Conmen

Nairobi Matatu Conmen

This chilling story was shared by a Facebook user. Do share as well and let's remain vigilant.

"I took an MOA complaint from KNH and headed to CBD in broad daylight.
I sit by an aisle. At GPO most guys alight, not concerned cos I wanted to get off at KENCOM. conductor announces, stage ingine KENCOM. I move to the window cos the guy who was seated by the window had alighted.

Near the lights at Kimathi street, I notice a crowd of men come forward, 7 or so. They all occupy all the front seats. At this I looked at the guy who had come to sit next to me, he had a knife bit had covered it with a jacket on one hand. I then noticed a red eye, I freaked out, stood up and said, 'nipishe.' Guy had one leg on the aisle and the other firmly next to me. He refused but I raised my voice and protested. I moved to the step near the conductor who was facing outside. I told me him, wacha nishuke. He refused and you know he was hanging by the door facing outwards. He said kanju watatushika. I am now standing at the last step. Then I look back in the bus. There are like 7 men all seated near the door. They look rugged each with an envelope. Then I realize all these guys must have gotten in at GPO and had marked me.

I tell the conductor these guys are thieves to thought to which he replied, madam ukiingia gari, kazi ni mingi, ujisort. I knew I was alone. The men are now hurling crazy insults at me. They all come to the steps. The conductor had already thinned. At the front is a mukurino lady who I now realize was to hoodwink me that we were at least two ladies in the car. She was laughing at the insults. The car had now started moving towards KENCOM. These guys are now literally next to me at the steps and luckily the car pauses, I jump off and the guys disappear towards ambassador.

God gave me wisdom and I reacted quickly. I now realize they would have mobbed me up very well aided by a conductor hanging at the door facing outward. I now realize I should have screamed and alighted at the lights even if there was kanju.

When you get into a mat, use your phone minimally, carry 100 in your pocket or hand. Don't open your bag at all.

Above all, pray in the morning and thank God in the evening.

The story goes on and on in buses between hurlingam and yaya. Someone who should be ridding buses of these ruthless and daring gangs is aiding them.

If NPS cannot deal with them then let us avoid the buses.

Something must be done; that is why we vote!

Share widely and make this viral."

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