The Little Stranger By Sarah Waters

The Little Stranger By Sarah Waters

The Little Stranger is the first book I read by Sarah Waters, and the 500 paged novel scared the hell out of me!The book is well written and builds slowly to a chilling supernatural tale that sure to build up tension and dread. Though I felt like the plot was developing a little too slowly for me, I still could not put down the book.Taking us to just after the World War 2 in an English countryside, the little stranger is a haunting story of one man's obsession with a once grand Georgian house knows as the Hundreds Hall.

His accidental visit to the house, mother once worked as a maid, will soon throw his life and the lives of the family at Hundreds hall into one terrifying nightmare.The story is well written and draws you into the lives of those at a Hundred Hall as you see it thought the eyes of the narrator, Dr. Faraday.Image Credit:

The Plot

Dr faraday once visited Hundreds Hall with his mother when he was just a small boy. She worked for the Ayresses - a then rich family - as a maid. The boy completely fell in love with the house and it's splendor.The second visit happens years later and is mostly accidental.

Though very happy to be seeing the once handsome house one more time, the now middle aged bachelor is left completely disappointing at the deteriorating state he finds the house in. It is clear that the Ayresses, just like the other formally aristocratic families, are struggling with the decline in their fortunes. But they still hold on, refusing to let go of the estate.Dr. Faraday seems to be caught in between the hatred he feels for the Ayres for belittling the ones beneath them, and the great admiration that just draws him to the family. And that is when strange and violent ghost-like happenings start taking place.

The Little Stranger
An amazing psychological thriller.

My Take

As I read the first part of the book, I kept feeling like the story was developing a little too slowly for me. This however all fell into place later on in the book when you start to feel like that is how it should be. I was also left feeling like the climax was a few pages away from the end. The extra chapter just took away from the cliff hanger. But that's probably just me.

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