Multilevel Marketing in Kenya

Multilevel Marketing in Kenya

Getting a a job in the formal sector in Kenya is not easy. Even the people already employed often search for best home based business ideas they can use to supplement their income.

I'll be discussing the best home based business ideas in the coming posts. Today, we'll discuss the most popular way one can earn from home; multilevel marketing also known as network marketing.
What is Multilevel marketing?

Multilevel marketing is a marketing structure consisting of a network of promoters termed as distributors. The distributors are awarded commission through their sales and that of other distributors in their down line network. They also build their businesses by recruiting new distributors who join their network. Products are sold at wholesale prices.

The major advantage of multilevel marketing that makes it top the list of the best home based business ideas in Kenya is that unlike other industries that are affected negatively by the global recess, network marketing does not. According to Donald Trump, some industries simply take off when others are failing. A good example is in the early 90's and the real estate industry started going downhill, the multilevel marketing industry was at its best. Entrepreneurial people tend to flock to multilevel marketing opportunities during hard times. This makes this strategy very popular especially in the hard economic times.

How does Multilevel Marketing work?

The distributors use a direct selling approach, which is selling products and services directly to the customers away from an established physical location or store. Sales are made through word of mouth, party plan, door to door sales, personal demonstrations, explanation and other one on one contact arrangements. Therefore, it is basically direct personal sale of services and products to consumers, in their offices or homes. Direct selling is beneficial to the consumers too as it provides the convenience of personal demonstration of products, wholesale prices, awesome satisfaction guarantees as well as home delivery.

Another advantage of multilevel marketing as a home based business in Kenya is that in contrast to typical franchising businesses, the start-up cost for a direct selling business proves to be quite low making it very attractive to average earners who would like to start home businesses.

Network marketing is basically a numbers game. In order to build a large organization you need to recruit distributors, sell to more customers and plug your recruits into a duplicatable system so they can do the same. The distributor that opts to build his or her network marketing business using the friends and family method has a natural limitation to the growth of the business. That limitation is that the distributor has a limited amount of those people. In many cases the reason why one network marketer is able to outpace another network marketer dramatically is because of the limitations the second network marketer has on his or her business.

Being a game of numbers can also prove to be one of the greatest positive aspects of this business. This is because each distributor is given a chance to write their own checks; you simply earn the much you're willing to work for and this basically means that the sky is the limit. With aggressive marketing strategies, online marketing included, multilevel marketing is easily one of the best home based business venture.

The best part of multilevel marketing is that it is a source of residue income. As long as a distributor has referred a recruit, the recruit's sales will always add to the distributor's income down to a certain level for as long as the recruit remains an active member of the network.

I'll be discussing more home based business  ideas in Kenya. Let me know other ways you know of in Kenya that can help one earn a little money on the side.

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  1. This is good summary of MLM or 'direct selling' as they call it in America.

    I want to visit Kenya in February to launch a new product. I need some leads; people who want to try a new product or those willing to change from an unsuccessful company or product to a great company with an unparalleled product.

    How can I make contact with them in Kenya, please?

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  2. which one can I join in Kenya, interested.

  3. which one can I join in Kenya, interested.