Water Leaking From Refrigerator

Water Leaking From Refrigerator

I was defrosting my refrigerator following a frost buildup in the freezer when I noticed water leaking from the refrigerator drain pan. At first I thought the refrigerator was broken and I panicked a little bit only to realize that it was very easy to fix the problem. Here is what worked for me and it might work for you too.

Common Causes

There are at least three reasons as to why water could be leaking from the refrigerator:
1. The drain pan might be full and overflowing or it might be cracked
2. The Ice Maker water valve could be broken
3. A fridge could be sitting on a tilted surface. This may tilt the drain pan making water pour out from it
Drain Pan Issues

The drain pan is used for collecting water that drains from the fridge. Most times it is able to do its job well. The water that drains into the pan eventually evaporates. But we all have a bad day. If there is a power blackout or you are defrosting for instance, water can drain into the drain pan faster than it can evaporate. This leads to an overflow and you will see water leaking from refrigerator. Not to worry though.

The solution is as simple as emptying the pan. Depending on the make of the fridge, you just need to reach under the fridge and pull the pan out. In some fridges it can be found in the front while in others like mine is at the back.

Locate it, pull it out and drain the water into the kitchen sink. Clean the drain pan while at it. More often than not, it will be dirty.

If the drain pan was the only problem, congratulations, you just fixed your leaking fridge.
A Broken Valve

A broken or loose valve could also cause the problem. To fix it, locate where it is and follow the manual directions to tighten the fittings. This will normally work. If it is broken, you can order a new one ensuring that you get the right make for your fridge. A technician will offer the support you need at a fee.

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