Goodbye Safaricom. Hello, Orange

Goodbye Safaricom. Hello, Orange

Yesterday, Safaricom revised their Post Paid Package's terms and conditions leaving their customers confused, angry and feeling cheated. If you ended up here, then you must be one of the disappointed customers wondering which way to turn. When it comes to airtime and data, any 2 year old will tell you that Safaricom is not the cheapest option in the market.

Orange data bundles
I've owned my Safaricom line ever since I bought my first phone back in 2005, and I have no intentions of changing it now. Like most people, Mpesa and the fact that I do not want to call people telling them that I changed my number make me keep my line. But as much as am a loyal customer, I will call a spade a spade and state that when it comes to internet and making calls, Safaricom is your worst choice. That is how they are able to make billions in profits. Their internet is so expensive that one could easily use thousands of shillings a month for just Facebook, Twitter and a little WhatsApp.

Though there are a number of plans for the internet bundles, I’m normally inclined towards unlimited package. This is because I am a frequent internet user and find that this is the most economical choice for me. While Safaricom have the fastest 3G internet, they will burn a huge, huge hole in your pockets. Their rates are the highest at 3500 shillings a month. They have since discontinued the unlimited service citing misuse by customers.Yu unlimited data bundles on the other hand go for as little as less than Ksh1000, but the 2G internet is so slow that you will want to pull out your hair. I would not recommend. I bought their modem earlier last year. It came with a free month's subscription. When the month was done, I never bought any more bundles.
Orange Data

Orange have unlimited mobile packages for as low as 39 shillings a day. The weekly charges are Ksh249 while for a whole months, you part with Ksh990.Their 3G modem package goes for Ksh990 a week and Ksh2990 for a month.

I prefer to subscribe to the mobile package of Ksh990 a month, and then use my phone as a modem by tethering it to my laptop. See how I use my phone as a modem in the lens below.

Once you exhaust your monthly friendly threshold, the net becomes a little slow. It is however difficult to exhaust your assigned data bundles if you're just using your phone.

How about airtime, you ask. At 3 shillings a minute, you can make calls to Orange customers as well as other lines. This is 1 shilling cheaper that even Safaricom. Do your math and spend your hard earned cash wisely. Every last coin counts.

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