Water Services Board Investment Tool (WaSBIT)

Water Services Board Investment Tool (WaSBIT)

The Water Services Boards in Kenya have the responsibility of investment planning, development of water assets, as well as the efficient and economic provision of water and sanitation services in their area of jurisdiction.

While the Water Services Boards have been implementing projects with and through various actors, there are no sufficient facts that form a basis for the planned projects, target areas, expected benefits and measurable outcomes at the end of the project. This has therefore made it increasingly difficult to accurately inform the coverage achieved so far from the projects implemented. In addition, there has not been uniform basis for project planning and implementation. For this reason, the need to facilitate the investment planning of the WSBs became obvious.

Enter WaSBIT

The GIZ Water Sector Reform Programme has been supporting the sector reform mainly through capacity building of the new institutions among them the Water Services Boards whose responsibility is investment planning, asset development and efficient and economic provision of water and sanitation services in their respective areas.

To assist the Water Services Boards in formulating investment proposals and to monitor project implementation and progress in coverage, of both water and basic sanitation, GIZ designed and developed WaSBIT according to the requirements determined by regional and national stakeholders in the water sector. The tool was intended to provide an appropriate baseline to commence the progressive realization of the right to water and sanitation as provided for in the constitution of Kenya 2010.

It would also help in project conceptualization, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of projects and progressively measure impacts of such projects through increased coverage in board areas. In so doing, the tool would align respective Water Services Boards with the national goal of measuring progressive realization of water for all, as enshrined in the COK 2010.

The Boards that are already using WaSBIT

  1. Athi Water water Services Board
  2. Riftvalley Water Services Board
  3. Lake Victoria North Water Services Board
  4. Lake Victoria South Water Services Board
Every Drop Counts

WasBIT Modules

WaSBIT system implements three major modules:

The Infrastructure Module

This is the module that holds information on water and sanitation services in each and every sub-location under a Water Services Board's area of jurisdiction. The software then assigns a priority index to each sub-location. The priority index is a number between 0 and 100 that tells at a glance exactly how in need of an investment a sub-location is. Four parameters are used to come up with this index:
  • The water coverage
  • The sanitation coverage
  • Poverty index
  • Population density
The Investment Module

The investment module generates investment proposals

The Monitoring Module

The monitoring module monitors the ongoing projects to completion.

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