Top TV Series of all times

Top TV Series of all times

Yes I love watching movies, but given a choice between a movie and a series, I would go for the series.The reason is because I get attached very fast when I see something I like, and l like to keep watching it. And who wouldn't given the high quality plots, directing and acting in these shows I consider the top series of all times. In this lens I'll list the shows that give me goosebumps every time a new season is announced. Even my dera hubby knows better than to try and touch the remote control when I'm doing my thing. Here are the top TV series of all times according to yours truly...

Top TV Series of all times
Comedy Series

This are the ones I like the most because my husband loves them. Unlike when I am watching my girly girly reality shows, I don't have to ignore his pouting with the sitcoms. The only problem is that he'll watch the same thing a hundred times if I let him. And every time he laughs harder than the last time even though he can recite the words all too easily. With the ones below though, I can forgive him because they are awesome!
  • Two and a Half Men
  • Friends
  • How I met your Mother
Two and a Half Men

I think this is the best comedy, like ever! But that's just me. It has been very interesting watching the little adorable Jake grow into a young and at times very stupid man. It was sad when Charlie Sheen left the show and I still wish he was still in it, but the angle it took is also fine. Still, I loved Charlie more. It is a pity that the show is about to coming to an end. I will miss it.

And how can I leave out friends? It is a good that that Sony Entertainment Television have been airing it from the very first season lately. It just came to an end this week. And need I say that the two daily episodes were the highlights of my day? I love Rachael so much and I think that Joey is so adoringly dumb.
How I Met Your Mother: The Complete Series
I would love to get this complete series. This is hubby's all time favorite comedy series. I have a feeling that I missed out some earlier seasons because I started watching it halfway, but I consider that a good thing because when it is done and everyone is feeling sad I'll have something to keep me entertained for a while longer. :- )  Buy Now
Reality Series

I love, love, love reality shows. Call me a drama queen, but I like those with lots and lots of drama. I am talking about name calling, hair pulling, back stabbing, all that. And we all know that for that, you need a special kind of ingredient by the name strong opinionated women. The flashy lifestyles; it is always nice to see people buy things I'll never afford. At least it keeps me entertained.
Basketball Wives

This was my first ever reality show. It is funny to see how the show ruins the relationships some of these women had when it was starting out. It is always sad to watch my favorite ladies leave the show. I still follow it to date though and I am still in love.
Real Housewives of Atlanta
This is where we first saw Nene and Kim's turbulent relationship. I could tell from the very start that there was a bomb waiting to explode. I do not remember when I first got introduced to this show or how, I just know that I loved it so much I had to look for the other Housewives from other states. I liked none better than this one. Buy Now
Drama/Thriller Series

I am not sure what to call the ones below. The rest? Probably. Some like desperate housewives have even been categorized, by some, as Soap Operas. I don't agree. And why is that? Because I do not like the whining and predictability and the fantasy qualities of a Soap Opera, and I can tell you for sure that I loved this show. You be the judge.
  • Desperate Housewives
  • Revenge
Desperate Housewives

This drama series had no theme in particular and that is what I absolutely loved about it. It is just an account of four, wait five housewives as they go about their day to day lives. As expected in real life, each family has piles and piles of bones in the closet. I like that we get to play God and see what happens behind closed doors. Absolute entertainment this one is.
What do you do when you come of age and realize that some the reason you do not have a dad is because some people framed him to cover their tracks? You forgive and move on with your life, right? Wrong! You change your name, infiltrate their lives and make the lives of each one of them as miserable as you can. That's right. Buy Now

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