Friday, April 24, 2015

How to Clear the GOTV E48-32 Error

If your decoder is displaying the GOtv E48-32 Error today, you do not need to break it apart trying to fix the problem. The error normally happens when the decoder is not receiving the signal probably because of the weather, aerial malfunction or connection error or when the aerial is not placed in an area where it can get the highest signal strength.
How to Clear the GOtv E48-32 Error

While the GOtv E48-32 Error normally affects one channel at a time depending on where the signal is coming from and the weather in the area, there are times when it affects all the channels like today.

Press Menu on your remote control>Advanced options>Installation>Reset and update on the progress.

Congratulations; you are done.

There is also another error known as the E16 error. This normally happens when your subscription has expired. All you need to do is grab the paybill number for whatever method you'll be using whether Equitel, Mpesa or Airtel money. Ensure that your decoder is on while making the payment to enable an automatic reset. If you pay and you are still experiencing the error, just visit this post to learn how to clear  the e-16 error on GOTV.


  1. 2017169461...i have reset but still no services

    1. Also having this problem. Its so frustrating.

  2. 2017626226.. I have reset but there's no change

  3. I have reset but still there are no services

  4. Am receiving an error code 48-138 everyday after every 5 minutes. What could be the problem?

  5. I have clear error of 7022509625 since morning no ktn kbc citizen plz help

  6. Have followed instructions reset BT still 48- persists no signal.what's the problem???no service found