How to Declatter your Kitchen Easily

Sunday, March 8, 2015

How to Declatter your Kitchen Easily

Clatter just drives me insane. The first thing I learned from my mother was that you need to be very neat as  a woman. 'Your house says a lot about the kind of a person you are,' she would tell me. Though I found it sexist, it turns out that I became her when I grew up. I am obsessed with organization and love when my surfaces and space are in order and clutter-free. This is however easier said than done especially when you have to fit all your jars, bottles, cans, dishes, snacks and others into limited spaces. It just is not possible.

That is when great products like this two tiered basket organizer come in handy. The fact that it is two tiered means that it multiplies your space by two. I ordered it because my cabinets were getting a little too full and depressing. It was a perfect opportunity to utilize the space under the sink in my small kitchen. The cabinet basket organizer fit perfectly under it. If your cabinets can allow, you can even fit it in there. Sadly, could not; they are just too small.

Assembling was supper easy I could have asked my daughter to do it. Well, maybe in a few years, but you get the point. You need no college degree to do it. It is very stable but I used the screws provided anyway, because I am not such a fan of ugly surprises.

I place small cans on the lower basket and save the upper one for the larger jars and it works perfectly. I just need one more for my bathroom and I'll be one happy lady.