Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Bamba TV Channels List

Bamba TV is a free to air decoder by Radio Africa. What this means is that other than the price of the decoder which is Ksh. 3, 299 you will not be paying monthly subscription fees like in GOTV, Startimes, DSTV and Zuku.

The Bamba TV decoder provides viewers with 50 plus channels. Currently only 17 of these channels are active. There are still a lot more options than a Kenyan had with Analogue TV. Below is the Bamba TV Channels list. The channels highlighted in blue are currently active:

Bamba TV Channels List
  1. 360Tune Box
  2. African Movie Channel
  3. Al Jazeera Arabic
  4. Al Jazeera English
  5. Al-Jazeera
  6. Cars.TV
  7. Cartoon Club
  8. Channel M1
  9. Channels TV
  10. Clubbing TV
  11. CMTV
  12. Comedy.TV
  13. Deutsche Welle
  14. Docu Box
  15. Dove TV
  16. DW
  17. ES.TV
  18. Events channel
  19. EWTN
  20. EWTN Africa
  21. Fashion Box
  22. Fashion TV
  23. Fastnfun Box
  24. Fight Box
  25. Film Box
  26. Film Box Art House
  27. Films on Reels
  28. France 24
  29. France24 TV English
  30. Freckle TV
  31. God TV
  32. HIP TV
  33. iFilm
  34. iFilms TV
  35. Inspiration TV
  36. Janta TV
  37. JCTV
  38. Justice.TV
  39. Kass Tv
  40. Kiss Tv
  41. Launch TV
  42. Madscreen Box
  43. MCBN
  44. MMA Warriors
  45. Movee4U
  46. Movie Club
  47. NHK
  48. NHK World
  49. Nigezie
  50. Nollywood Channel
  51. Nollywood Movies
  52. Ofive
  53. OH TV Africa
  54. Peace TV
  55. Pets.TV
  56. Press TV – Arabic/English
  57. Recipe.TV
  58. Romanza T
  59. RT
  60. Smile of a Child
  61. Smile TV
  62. TBN
  63. The Church Channel
  64. TVC News
  65. Venture Channel
  67. World Fashion Channel
  68. World War Channel
  69. WWWX


  1. i have bamba decoder but most channels go off air.can you do something to improve the reception.

    1. Try installing the aerial higher and face it in different directly until you have the strongest signal.

  2. The cartoons channel on Bamba TV are so boring
    can you do something about it.

  3. There are several channels that have audio without video,justice,car,etc my aerial signal is 100%


  4. Is there a Swahili movies in bamba TV?

  5. in mombasa we are only able to view the free to air channels only and yet you claim that the ones highlighted in blue are availableand yet the signal quality is 100%.Why?

  6. how comes u dont air other local Tv stations ???

  7. Why can't I watch Citizen or Ntv?

  8. Can you guys revisit your channel list because this are not the channeks you are airing.Smile & ASC arr not existing

  9. hi, am in changamwe mombasa and the only channel i can view is the GOTVadvert i bought it at tuskys Digo road, what is really the problem?

  10. Can you guys please upgrade your services...we are missing the best channels,give us atleast one bolly movie channel like zeeworld.

  11. Romamza channel frequently lose sound, and at times the signal. This is without touching or adjusting the aerial.
    Please advice or rectify