Monday, January 5, 2015

How to Activate GOTV for the First Time

You just bought, installed and connected your GOTV decoder and are now wondering how to Activate it for the very first time. First, ensure that the decoder is switched on and that it has scanned for available channels.

Now get your IUC number from the red sticker under your decoder. We're going to use this for the activation.
Courtesy of GOTV

Using you phone, type the following message ...Accept*IUC NUMBER *NAME *Phone number *State*GOtvplus# and send it to your country's short code. Kenyan GOTV short code is 22688.

N/B: GOtvplus is one of the GOTV packages available. Read this article to see the GOTV packages available.

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  1. Replies
    1. You're welcome Ephraim. It gives me much pleasure to be of service.

  2. i have activated but when it is searching for channels,it is saying NO CHANNELS FOUND yet the signal and quality is 100%

  3. How can I installed my name and phone number in my gotv?

  4. My name is marcos bright phn 0703594351
    UIC is 7026508257
    I just bought my decoder, can you activate it now?