Thursday, January 22, 2015

Airtel Kenya Contacts

Here are the Airtel Kenya Contacts for those who want to contact the mobile service provider's customer care.

Airtel Kenya Contacts Phone Contacts

Use these numbers to call:

111 - Use this number to contact customer care from your Airtel line. It is Toll Free
720 - For corporates using their Airtel line.

0733 100 111 - This is the paid call number for those calling from other mobile service providers
0733 100 111 - For corporates using other mobile service providers to make the call

020 691 0000 - Landline
Airtel Kenya Contacts courtesy of Airtel

Airtel Kenya Contacts Website

Visit the Airtel Kenya website through the link.

Airtel Kenya Contacts Facebook Contacts

You can reach them though their Facebook page by following this link.

Airtel Kenya Contacts Twitter Contacts

Another way of contacting  customer care is by sending a tweet through their twitter handle @AIRTEL_KE

Airtel Kenya Contacts Postal Address

Parkside Towers, Nkrumah Rd, Box 73146-00200


  1. I wish to congratulate Airtel, a friend of mine bought Kababe from your shop, donated it in our church to help a needy child who require university fee. We formed two groups to compete in bidding. As of today the bid has attracted 98,000. This is most expensive Kababe phone in Kenya. Thanks to Airtel.

    1. Congratulations to you and your church.

  2. Good Afternoon Airtel,

    My name is Manish Sharma and I am in Masai Mara Kenya .I am using Airtel may be from last 12 Years I was in india and using Airtel only then Malawi again Airtel now in Kenya and again Airtel I have both postpaid and prepais numbers and may be I spend almost 10,000KSH every month on calling and for browsing . But now this is my first experience that Airtel do not even able to provide stable network . it will be there for 10 minutes then may be No network for more than 1 hour . we have done a complaint but notjing happen . even before network is there but when we browse it may be 2g or 1g network . I was ok with that because as long as I am using internet in my office browsing does not effect but at least provide network so I can communicate with family in india . or the only option u r leaving with us is to choose SAFARICOM .

    Hope to get a reply from you .

    Thanks & Regards