How to Report a Power Outage to KPLC

How to Report a Power Outage to KPLC

Blackout suck. You're watching your favorite movie, clearing your homework on the computer, or  to doing whatever it is that you enjoy doing when suddenly, the lights go off. Did you know that you can report the power outage and have KPLC working to fix the problem in no time. Here's how you go about reporting a power outage to KPLC:

Reporting Power Outage Through Phone

You can call KPLC through 0711 031000. I am however not such a fan of this method because it is not toll free and at times you need to wait for some minutes to be connected to the customer care.
Courtesy of KPLC

Reporting Power Outage Through Twitter

I like this method. You can tweet Kenya Power at their twitter handle @KenyaPower. It normally takes about 30 minutes to get a response since they get an overwhelmingly high amount of queries. It is easy and convinient though.

Reporting Power Outage Through Facebook

Like Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC) page on facebook and shoot them your query. They'll be happy to be of help.

Reporting Power Outage Through SMS

Just send Stima#AccountNo#Description of Outage to 95551 e.g.  Stima#2201116# No power in the house.

If all of the above methods fail, which is highly unlikely, you can visit this page to see other methods of contacting KPLC customer care.