How to Clear e16 Error on GOTV

Monday, December 29, 2014

How to Clear e16 Error on GOTV

When your GOTV subscription expires, you get the e16 error. Renewing the subscription while the decoder is turned on normally resets the error. To see how you pay for GOTV via Mpesa, check out this article.

There are times when making a payment fails to automatically reset the e16 error, this is wen you have to bring out the big guns. Here's how to clear e16 error on GOTV:

  • SMS 'RESET' IUC NUMBER' to 22688. The IUC number is the number on the red sticker while 22688 is GOTV Kenya short code. Ensure that your decoder is swtiched on while you do this so it can receive the signal. The SMS charges for your mobile company apply.
Courtesy of GOTV

  • Another method of resetting the decoder to clear the e16 error is by dialing *423# and following the prompts.
  • You can also reset by visiting your Eazy GOTV account. Select your country then login using your IUC number and your surname/mobile number of the person who registered and the IUC number. Click on Clear error and select the displayed error and then click on clear.
  • If all these fail, contact support via twitter or Facebook and they'll help you further and clear your e16 error.
It is important to note that the GOTV subscription rates were increased with effect from 15th May, 2016. If you paid the same amount you used to pay before, that might be the reason you are still getting the E-16 error. See the new GOTV rates here to find out how much you need to pay now.