Tuesday, December 30, 2014

How to Check KPLC Bill

This post will show how to check KPLC bill without having to wait for the bill to be sent to you. This will ensure that you pay KPLC bill in time and avoid being disconnected. There are different ways you can check you KPLC bill, whether online, through text or through KPLC social media profiles.

How to Check KPLC Bill Via SMS
  1. Go to new message on your phone
  2. Only type the first part of your account number. For instance, if your account number is 123456-01, just type 123456.
  3. Send the message to 95551.
  4. You will receive your account details and your bill in a few moments.
Courtesy of KPLC
How to Check KPLC Bill Online

  1. Go to the KPLC contact center site here. 
  2. On the Bill amount dialogue box, enter the first part of your account number. For instance, if your account is 123456-01, simply type in 123456.
  3. Click on submit
How to Check Bill Via Phone
You can check your KPLC bill by calling KPLC cantact centre. Simply dial 0711 031 000 and follow the prompts.

You can also Check your KPLC bill by contacting Kenya Power on their twitter handle or facebook page. They will be happy to reply with your bill amount.


  1. kindly i erred my account when i was purchasing units.my account is 22119597130 and the wrong one is 22119097130.The amount was ksh500,transaction date 14/11/2015.I have called severally with no assistance until now.Please check and revert.
    George Morara.

  2. I need an online way to check my bill please assist

  3. How is ma bill very high in billing for January. Yet nothing has changed in my house

  4. please kenya power we need to have online way to check bill

  5. please kindly send me my bill for account No:3594515 - 01

  6. Plz kenya power i want to check my balance account no 392148

  7. we can nolonger check our bills, and message through to 95551 doesnt come back, please advice.