NHIF Paybill Number and NHIF Payment Via Mpesa, Equitel and Airtel Money

NHIF Paybill Number and NHIF Payment Via Mpesa, Equitel and Airtel Money

With the NHIF paybill number, you  can now make your NHIF payment via Mpesa or Airtel Money straight from your phone. NHIF which stands for National Hospital Insurance Fund is a national health insurance parastatal that helps Kenyans have access to medical services at an affordable price. While they cover the entire bill in the public hospitals, the insurance covers the bed charges for those admitted in private and mission hospitals.

Though the monthly payments are deducted directly from the payslip by the employer, self employed individuals can make their monthly contributions  though bank deposits or other means that are convenient for them.

NHIF payment through your phone is without doubt the easiest option. You can pay from the comfort of your house without having to waste your day queuing. Here's how you use Mpesa and Airtel Money to make NHIF payments.

How to Pay for NHIF Bill Using NHIF Paybill Numbers for Mpesa, Equitel and Airtel Money

Pay NHIF Bill Through Mpesa Using NHIF Paybill 200222

1. Go to Mpesa menu and choose 'Pay Bill' option
2. Key in the NHIF paybill number which is 200222
3. Key in your ID number
4. Key in the amount you wish to contribute
5.Key in your M-Pesa PIN.
6. Check again to ensure that you have input the correct information
7. Wait for a confirmation message

Pay NHIF Bill  via Airtel Money using Business Number 823263

  1. Select make payments from the menu
  2. Go to pay bill
  3. Select other
  4. Enter the businness business number as 823263
  5. Type in the amount
  6. Enter your secret pin
  7. The reference is your ID number
  8. Hit 'Send'

Pay NHIF Bill though Equitel Money Using 

  1. Select 'My Money' on your Equitel Menu
  2. Choose 'Send/Pay'
  3. Select the account you wish to pay from
  4. Select 'Paybill'
  5.  Select 'To Others' then 'Mpesa'
  6. Now that you have some money in your Mpesa account, follow the steps above to pay NHIF bill via Mpesa.

NHIF Rates

If you are reading this post, it is easy to assume that you are self employed since people in employment have their NHIF deducted fro their payslip. The amount you contribute as an employed individual depends on how much you earn. Otherwise, self employed indiciduals are suppossed to contribute a constant Ksh. 500 shillings a month. You can see the updated NHIF rates below.

Gross Income
Monthly NHIF Premium
Ksh. 0 - Ksh. 5,999
Ksh. 150
Ksh. 6,000 – Ksh. 7,999
Ksh. 300
Ksh. 8,000 – Ksh. 11,999
Ksh. 400
Ksh. 12,000 – Ksh. 14,999
Ksh. 500
Ksh. 15,000 – Ksh. 19,999
Ksh. 600
Ksh. 20,000 – Ksh. 24,999
Ksh. 750
Ksh. 25,000 – Ksh. 29,999
Ksh. 850
Ksh. 30,000 – Ksh. 34,999
Ksh. 900
Ksh. 35,000 – Ksh. 39,999
Ksh. 950
Ksh. 40,000 – Ksh. 44,999
Ksh. 1000
Ksh. 45,000 – Ksh. 49,999
Ksh. 1100
Ksh. 50,000 – Ksh. 59,999
Ksh. 1200
Ksh. 60,000 – Ksh. 69,999
Ksh. 1300
Ksh. 70,000 – Ksh. 79,999
Ksh. 1400
Ksh. 80,000 – Ksh. 89,999
Ksh. 1500
Ksh. 90,000 – Ksh. 99,999
Ksh. 1600
Ksh. 100,000 and above
Ksh. 1700
Self Employed (special)
Ksh. 500

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