Monday, July 21, 2014

GO TV Channels 2018

There are three packages offered by GOTV. Below we are going to break down the packages, the payments as well as the GO TV Channels available in each package. But first, it is important to note that GoTV have an offer. Once you get the decoder, you get to enjoy the GOTV Plus subscription for the first two months. After this you have the choice of paying for any of the three plans listed below.

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 1. GoTv Lite

This is the cheapest option of the three. After the free two months, you will just pay 2,200 Kenyan shillings every year. For this package, here are the GO TV channels that you get to enjoy:

    1. Al Jaazera
    2. Citizen TV
    3. e.TV Africa 
    4. Emmanuel TV
    5. Faith Broadcast Network
    6. Inooro TV
    7. Islam Channel
    8. K24
    9. KBC TV
    10. KTN
    11. KTN News
    12. NTV 
    13. KBCTV 
    14. SuperSport Blitz 
    15. JimJam

      2. GOTV Value Package

      For a recurring monthly fee of 650 kenyan shillings, you get to enjoy 22 GO TV channels listed below. Africa Magic Swahili 
      1. Africa Magic Epic
      2. Al Jaazera
      3. Citizen TV
      4. e.TV Africa 
      5. Emmanuel TV
      6. Fashion One
      7. Faith Broadcast Network
      8. Inooro TV
      9. Islam Channel
      10. K24
      11. KBC TV
      12. KTN
      13. KTN News
      14. NTV 
      15. Classic FM
      16. KBCTV 
      17. SuperSport Blitz 
      18. SuperSport Select 1 
      19. Disney Junior 
      20. JimJam
      21. Nickelodeon 

      3. GoTv Plus Package 

      This is the most expensive package. The monthly payments are 920 and you get 39 GO TV Channels. Below is the list.
        1. Africa Magic Epic
        2. Africa Magic Family
        3. Al Jaazera
        4. BBC World News
        5. CNN International
        6. Citizen TV
        7. Discovery Family
        8. E! Entertainment Television
        9. e.TV Africa 
        10. Emmanuel TV
        11. Fashion One
        12. Faith Broadcast Network
        13. Fox Life
        14. Inooro TV
        15. Iroko Music 
        16. Iroko Plus
        17. Islam Channel
        18. K24
        19. KBC TV
        20. KTN
        21. KTN News
        22. NTV 
        23. Telemundo 
        24. KBCTV 
        25. SuperSport Blitz 
        26. SuperSport Select 1 
        27. SuperSport Select 2 
        28. SuperSport Select 3
        29. Disney Junior 
        30. JimJam
        31. Nickelodeon 
        32. Nat Geo Wild 
        33. MTV Base 
        34. MNet Movies Zone
        35. Eva
        36. B4U Movies
        37. Zee World
        38. Maisha Magic Family
        39. Maisha Magic East
          4. GoTv Max Package 

          This is the most expensive package. The monthly payments are 1299 and you get 43 GO TV Channels. Below is the list.
          1. Africa Magic Epic
          2. Africa Magic Family
          3. Al Jaazera
          4. BBC World News
          5. CNN International
          6. Citizen TV
          7. CBS Reality
          8. Discovery Family
          9. E! Entertainment Television
          10. e.TV Africa 
          11. Emmanuel TV
          12. Fashion One
          13. Faith Broadcast Network
          14. Fox 
          15. Fox Life
          16. Inooro TV
          17. Iroko Music 
          18. Iroko Plus
          19. Islam Channel
          20. K24
          21. KBC TV
          22. KTN
          23. KTN News
          24. NTV 
          25. Telemundo 
          26. KBCTV 
          27. SuperSport Blitz 
          28. SuperSport Select 1 
          29. SuperSport Select 2 
          30. SuperSport Select 3
          31. SuperSport Select 4
          32. Sony Max
          33. Disney Junior 
          34. JimJam
          35. Nickelodeon 
          36. Nat Geo Wild 
          37. MTV Base 
          38. MNet Movies Zone
          39. Eva
          40. B4U Movies
          41. Zee World
          42. Maisha Magic Family
          43. Maisha Magic East

          There are various methods of paying for your GOTV. I find the easiest one to be of course Mpesa. Here is an article that will show you how to pay GOTV via Mpesa.


          1. Can I first pay for the Third package then later go to the first package?

            1. If these are the available Go Tv packages, What about GoTv Plus, GoTv Lite and GOTV Value?

          2. Our organization was on GO TV OPEN package but now we have been switched off. Our serial numbers are 2018645492,2018585893,2017458496 and2018733784. What do we need to do to get back to viewing on open package?

          3. Have you been watching locals only or other channels as well. You probably forgot to downgrade to GOTV lite. Give me your IUC number and I'll contact GOTV on your behalf.

          4. U need to upgrade the Blitz Channel so that we can be able to read sports news on the screen.

          5. How much do in need to pay be able to have free to air option

          6. Hi Gotv..Am currently subscribed to that package of 850..but I would like to subscribe to Lite 555. How do i do that? Pliz advice.

          7. Hi kwani the subscription monies were increased? Ive pid the 849 but still wont activate until i paid an aditional 71 shillings.

          8. Hi,What does the blitz channel show. Any epl football matches?

          9. Just sports news no games whatsoever

          10. The 650 package is still valid or not ?

          11. Paid 920 ,, not working
            Iuc 2017341765

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          15. I changed from GOTV Plus to lite555, since last night hasn't been activated. ICU NO. 2018626669...Please assist.

          16. Hi Gotv..Am currently subscribed to that package of Elite..but I would like to subscribe to Gotv plus 920. How do i do that? Pliz advice.

            1. Bosco, just pay the 920, then comment here with your IUC number saying that you'd like to upgrade to gotv plus. I'll request gotv to upgrade your subscription.

          17. Down grade my subscription from gotv plus to gotv value plz iuc no 4624077234

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          26. There are plenty of persons that follow one TV series faithfully and you can find even some individuals who keep to more than one hotstickybun

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