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Amazon Fire Phone Review: Unique Features that give it an Edge over the other Smartphones

In a business world ruled by Apple and Samsung, it is easy to wonder what Amazon was thinking launching yet another Smartphone into an already saturated market – the new Amazon Fire phone. Once you see where Amazon is coming from, you will understand why the launch of the Fire phone is one of their greatest marketing strategies yet.
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Best known for its online shopping center, Amazon controls a worldwide network of warehouses making it the biggest online retailer on the planet. It therefore goes without saying that their main goal would be to improve their customers’ shopping experience. And that is the angle they took when they were developing the fire Smartphone; give shoppers an ultimate shopping experience though dynamite interfaces across different platforms. The Smartphone delivered all that in a way that is sure to shake business and change how marketing and selling is done forever.

“What we saw was an opportunity to prove some new capabilities that really hadn’t been done before in premium smartphones,” says Ian Freed, Amazon’s vice-president for the Fire phone. “We’ve seen innovation stagnate a bit over the past two to three years.” 

The phone implements a 3D display that utilizes four infrared Polaroids pointed at your face to help judge whether you're looking at the screen straight-on, at an edge or even how far from the screen your face is. The phone can then adjust the picture as needs be. It also tracks your head movement and turns games or maps in accordance with how you are looking at them. You are therefore provided with the capability of seeing the profundity in pictures, ability to see around items in the closer view, to zoom in for a finer look, as well as flip through sites, books and menus.

It also makes use of firefly, a function with a dedicated button that allows the user to point the phone’s Polaroid at anything from book blankets, Cds, Dvds, tunes, films, foodstuff things, telephone numbers to sites and pull information on the product.  Firefly brings what's known as expanded actuality to life by transforming your phone into a compelling device that perceives and extracts the pulled information, saves it, or allows the online navigation to the item page on Amazon so you can easily purchase it.

For Amazon, the best thing about this feature is that it takes value correlation shopping to another level in that whatever you see while shopping anywhere can get a moment value check in a single click. The phone, according to Amazon, can perceive more than a hundred million items or products. Furthermore, you can make a purchase in a few clicks if you connect the device with your credit card information.

These game changing properties of the fire phone give the fire phone a well deserved edge over Apple's iphone and Samsung's Galaxy line of gadgets in the retail marketplace. See how the Amazon fire phone compares to Apple’s iphone 5S and how it compares to Samsung Galaxy S5.

Amazon Fire phone begins with a 32gb model that offers for $199 on a two-year contract through At&t, the main US carrier offering the gadget. Without a contract, the phone goes for $649.
Unique Features in the Amazon Fire Phone

Dynamic perspective


A hand crafted sensor framework that reacts to how you hold, view, and move your telephone.
Amazon's Dynamic Perspective is fueled by a system of eye-following tech that works by identifying where your head is at all times to ensure that you're getting the best perspective of whatever it is you're viewing.

Getting this all working utilizes a whopping four Polaroids, one on each one corner, with an infrared red light, for night vision. Amazon gathered a large number of pictures of appearances from far and wide to advance the equipment's capability to track movement and eyeballs thus drawing the dynamic perspective of the Smartphone.
  • Immersive apps and games

You can peek in maps to see Yelp ratings. In StubHub stadium view, you are able to look 90 degrees to the right and left of your seat, just like you’re actually there, looking around. And in games, like Lili,  you can take on the character's viewpoint, moving your head to look around corners, over obstacles, and around other objects
  • One-handed short cuts

Have easy access to menus, shortcuts, and other useful information with tilt, peek, and swivel.
  • One-handed reading

With the auto-scroll, you can scan long web pages or even read entire books on your phone without ever having to touch the screen.

Firefly Technology


  •  Simply press the dedicated Firefly button to instantly identify and extract printed text from posters, magazines, books, and business cards. This allows you to easily make calls, save contacts, visit websites and send emails without typing the addresses.
  • It recognizes over 240,000 movies, TV episodes, and 160 live TV channels. It uses X-Ray, powered by IMDb, to show you information on actors, characters and plot details, and other related content.
  • Firefly recognizes songs helping you can access artist information, other related songs, and allows you to download albums direct to your Fire phone, purchase them immediately or add them to your Wish List for later. 
  • It also recognizes household items, DVDs, books, video games, and more. You can access product details, or even order them on Amazon direct from your Fire phone.


This award winning customer service gives you access to an Amazon expert at the hit of a button. The tech experts can help you via online video through any feature by either drawing on your screen, walking you through the problem or fixing it for you.


Advanced Camera system 


Amazon fire phone comes featured with a 13 megapixel camera system with optical Image Stabilization, stunning 1080p video from both the front and the rear facing cameras, plus free unlimited photo storage in the cloud.

All said, though it's difficult to compare Amazon fire phone to it's predecessors, iphone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S5, it sure does give them a run for their money with it's uniqueness.  The smartphone brings out a different feel to a smartphone, setting a trend onto which future gadgets will be built. It is indeed very unique in it's own interesting way.

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