Thursday, November 10, 2016

How to Monetize your Blog in Kenya

This will be the last post in the 'How to Start a Blog in Kenya Series" where we shall discuss how you can make money blogging in Kenya. Among the things that we've already looked into in the series are;
How to Monetize your Blog in Kenya

As I said when I was starting this series, I started my blogging journey as a hobby. Along the way I learnt I could earn cash doing what I already enjoyed doing. Through some research and trial and error, I settled on three ways of earning through my blogs. I will be discussing each of these avenues in later posts, but here is the overview.

Google Adsense

When browsing through blogs and websites, you must have seen advertisements in form of banners on the side bars, top or bottom of pages. These ads are normally supplied by digital advertising companies  and Google happens to be their dad (if you like, biggest).

You need a quality blog of website for you to be accepted into Google Adsense program but once you do, all you need to do is place the code they give you where you want the ads to be placed on your blog and Google does the rest. They place ads that best relates to what your blog is about thus increasing the chances of the ads being clicked because this is how you earn. All you need after that is show up at the bank to collect your earning.

To earn from Adsense, your blog needs to have lots of traffic. The minimum payout is $100 and the money is normally sent on 21 of the following month. It takes time to start hitting the monthly threshold but if you have enough traffic, you can earn a decent penny with little effort. 

Visit tomorrow as I'm going to add sponsored posts and affiliate programs in this post...

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