How to Report Power Outage to KPLC Via SMS

How to Report Power Outage to KPLC Via SMS

Many businesses in Kenya have embraced social media as a way of connecting to their customers as well as attending to their queries and questions. KPLC is one such company. We all know that you can report power outage through calling, via Twitter or even facebook. But did you know that you can do the same by  simply texting?

All you need to do is send Stima#AccountNo#Description of Outage to 95551.

e.g. Stima#123456789#No power since yesterday.

You will receive a message with a reference number under which your complaint has been booked. This makes it easier for you to follow up on the progress of your case.

This service comes in handy when you do not have data bundles to contact them via social media accounts or when you just don't want to spend your hard earned cash calling their numbers.

There's no reason why you should stay in darkness. Have a bright day.