MobiKash Registration

MobiKash Registration

There are several ways of registering or setting up your MobiKash account. See them below:
  • Registration through a MobiKash agent
  • Through the internet
  • MobiKash Customer Sales Representatives
  • Partner banks branches/outlets
  • MobiKash services centres
All you are required to do is complete a registration form and produce the original copy of any of the following documents: National Identification/Passport/Military Identification/Alien Identification.

Upon registration, you will receive an SMS telling you that your registration is complete and that your account is active. The message will also give your PIN and the security code.

To access the MobiKash service, simply dial *365#. The first time you do this you will be prompted to
  1. Accept the terms and conditions
  2. Validate your ID type
  3. Validate your status; whether individual or company
That is it. You just registered an account with ModiKash.

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