Thursday, July 23, 2015

Bamboo Market in Kenya 2017

Unlike the controversial Eucalyptus, bamboo planting takes a much shorter time, 3 years, and their water consumption is not as much. They are therefore good for the environment while bringing you substantial stream of income. But how do you find Bamboo Market in Kenya in 2017?

Bamboos are very versatile providing raw materials for thousands of commercial products. From furniture to crafts to fuel to floor paneling, the options are limitless. This is why there is a big bamboo market in Kenya in 2017 given their huge demand.
Courtesy: Kenya Bamboo Center

Kenya Bamboo Center provides local and international bamboo market in Kenya. They make unique masterpieces using this plant and offer training for others who want to do the same.Visit the site and see how you can be able to benefit financially from this environmentally friendly plant.

Are you familiar with Kenya Bamboo Center? Do you know about their bamboo market in Kenya and have you worked with them? Give us your views in the comments section below.

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  1. how much would you pay for a 10 metre stem that is of 6-10cm diameter


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